Local Government Elections

The City of Vincent’s newly elected Council was determined on Monday 23 October 2023.

The City of Vincent Council is made up of nine Elected Members:

  • Mayor - represents the entire district.
  • Council Members – North Ward (4).
  • Council Members – South Ward (4).

There were six positions to be filled in this year’s Local Government Elections.

  • Mayor - one position (four-year term).
  • Councillor (North Ward) - two positions (four-year term).
  • Councillor (South Ward) - two positions (four-year term), one position (two-year term).

The count of the votes commenced at 7pm on Saturday 21 October 2023 at the City of Vincent Administration Building, conducted by the City's Returning Officer. There was a delay in receiving these results due to complexities with the new preferential voting system.

Results listed below include first preferences and the votes at last count, which includes preferences. The format is first preference / votes at last count. More information is available on the WAEC website. 

View the Local Government Elections 2023 Results Notice here. 



There were four candidates contesting for Vincent Mayor.

Alison Xamon was elected as Mayor for a four-year term.

Vote count:

  • Alison Xamon 2958 / 3757
  • Ron Alexander 2438 / 2917
  • Suzanne Worner 1374 / 0
  • Amanda Madden 596 / 0

View the results here. 

North Ward

There were four candidates contesting two North Ward Councillor vacancies.

Suzanne Worner and Nicole Woolf were elected as North Ward Councillors for a four-year term.

Vote count:

  • Suzanne Worner 1099 / 1186
  • Nicole Woolf 1209 / 1182
  • Con Poulios 901 / 1048
  • Phillip Madden 335 / 2

View the results here.

South Ward 

There were seven candidates contesting three South Ward Councillor vacancies.

Ashley Wallace and Ashlee La Fontaine were elected as South Ward Councillors for a four-year term. Sophie Greer was elected as South Ward Councillor for a two-year term. 

Vote count:

  • Ashley Wallace 1166 / 934
  • Ashlee La Fontaine 637 / 989
  • Sophie Greer 682 / 969
  • Diana MacTiernan 481 / 165
  • Ed Benier 340 / 0
  • Amanda Madden 340 / 0
  • Kerry Bowe 86 / 0

View the results here. 

The new and re-elected Councillors were sworn in and Cr Alex Castle was elected Deputy Mayor at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 24 October 2023.

For further details about the election visit Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

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