Household rubbish and recycling collection

The City provides each rateable residential property with the following kerbside bin services:
  • One 'green lid' 240 Litre Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB), collected weekly.
  • One 'yellow lid' 240 Litre Mobile Recycling Bin (MRB), collected fortnightly.

Smaller green lid garbage bins (140L MGB) are available on request for owner/occupiers. Tenants need to confirm with their property owner prior to requesting through the council, as fees may occur to the ratepayer at a later date, if wishing to return to a larger 240L green lid garbage bin (240L MGB).

Rateable properties requiring additional bins or services above their entitlement will incur a fee, as per the current fees and charges. All non-rateable properties requiring waste and recycling service through Vincent will also incur a fee as per the current fees and charges. Please contact our Waste and Recycling Team to arrange this.
For Multi residential dwellings or commercial properties please contact the City for entitlements. See below for our current collection calendar and a map of the collection area

2018/19 Waste Collection Calendar

Your Collection

Please make sure your bins are on the verge by 6am on collection days and in a spot where they won't block pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle access. Please ensure to:

  • Place all waste in your bins - bags next to the bin will not be collected.
  • Close the lid.
  • Retrieve and store your bins on your property within 24 hours of collection. Bins that are persistently left on the street may be removed, fees will apply for bins to be returned.

Things we cannot collect

  • Heavy bins (over 70kg)
  • Overfull bins (lids not fully closed)
  • Loose items (anything outside the bin)
  • Contaminated bins (e.g. gas bottles or demolition waste)

Storing your bins

  • All your bins must be stored on your property between collections, not on the footpath or street. Bins left out on the street or footpath can create safety hazards and cause littering problems if they get knocked over. They are also more likely to be damaged, stolen or lost.
  • If your premises is vacant/untenanted please store your bins inside the premises to reduce chances of contamination, loss and damage.
  • If you are unable to securely store your bins during demolition and construction please contact our Waste and Recycling Team to have them removed. Please note a fee may occur for the bins to be returned at the end of this period.

Damaged Bins

If your bin is damaged (cracked, lid or wheels are missing or broken) please contact the City's Waste and Recycling Team on 9273 6543 or email