Fines and Infringements

If you have received a Parking Infringement you may choose to do one of the following things:

Pay the Parking Infringement

Infringements can be paid online, over the phone by contacting 9273 6000, in person at the City of Vincent Administration Building or by post to PO Box 82 Leederville 6902.

Online Payment for Infringement Notice

*Infringement Notices are available for payment on the next business day after being issued. If your infringement does not appear for payment online, please try again the following business day after 10am.

What if I don't take any action?

  • Payment is required within 28 days from the date of issue of the Infringement Notice.
  • After 28 days a Reminder Notice will be issued.
  • After a further 28 days a Final Demand Notice will be issued and this will include an agency fee.
  • If payment has still not been received the Infringement will be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry.

*If you have not received a Reminder Notice or a Final Demand Notice please do not assume that you do not have to pay or take any action.


Payment Arrangements and Extensions

The City is unable to arrange payment plans or take part payments.

An extension of time to pay may be granted at the City of Vincent's discretion. You can apply for an extension by completing the Online Parking Infringement Appeal form below.

Appeal the Parking Infringement

Appeals can be made by completing the online form (link below). We do not accept appeals by phone.

To avoid additional costs, an appeal must be lodged within 28 days of receiving an infringement.

    *If you have not received a response do not assume the matter has been withdrawn. Please contact the City again to attain an outcome.

    Common parking appeal scenarios

    I had to urgently use the toilet

    We will not withdraw the infringement. Having to use the toilet is not considered a medical emergency and you are still required to comply with parking restrictions.

    I was late back to my vehicle

    We will not withdraw the infringement. If you are late back to your vehicle due to an appointment going over time, work or any other commitment, this is not a reason the infringement will be withdrawn. Delays such as these are common, and you must account for this when purchasing your parking time.

    I misread the sign/I did not understand the sign

    We will not withdraw the infringement. One of the conditions of having a drivers license is that you are expected to understand and comply with road rules. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for locating and complying with all signs and information displayed. Infringements will not be withdrawn if you could not understand the sign or were unfamiliar with the road markings.

    I did not see the sign

    We will not withdraw the infringement. As the driver you must look for all parking signs and stencils to ascertain if parking restrictions apply in the area you intend to leave your vehicle.

    This is my first offence/Can this be changed to a caution?

    We will not withdraw the infringement. Regardless of whether you have a good driving record, are of a good character, made an honest mistake, these are not grounds for which an infringement can be withdrawn.

    I only stopped for a short time

    We will not withdraw the infringement. A no stopping sign indicates that a vehicle must not stop for any reason, or any length of time. If you have parked in a ticket parking zone you must attain a ticket or parking time through EasyPark immediately.

    I went to get coins/I did not have a way to pay

    We will not withdraw the infringement. You must arrange to have valid payment options before you arrive in a paid parking location. Fees become payable as soon as your vehicle is parked.

    The ticket machine was faulty

    If one ticket issuing machine in a parking area is not accepting coins or credit cards, it is expected that the driver, where possible, will make use of another machine or the EasyPark app. If the fault is with the EasyPark app, then you need to contact them directly.

    My parking ticket blew off or fell from the dashboard

    Purchasing a ticket is only part of the requirement of a ticket parking area. You must ensure that the ticket is correctly and securely displayed on the dashboard prior to leaving the vicinity of your vehicle.

    I paid for parking but entered the wrong details

    Entering the wrong registration details means you have not correctly attained parking. Our Rangers will be unable to detect your parking session even if you make a slight error. Please provide as much information as possible regarding your payment so we can consider your appeal e.g. a copy of your ticket or EasyPark receipt, vehicle registration documents.

    I had a medical emergency

    In the case of a medical emergency, you will need to supply an official letter from the hospital or treating medical practitioner confirming that you were involved in a medical emergency at the time the infringement was issued. A severe injury or illness requiring immediate treatment is considered to be a medical emergency.

    Vehicle breakdown

    If your vehicle had broken down at the time of the infringement, you will need to supply the following information:

    • A letter from the roadside assistance provider, which includes the vehicle registration, date, time and location of where it was repaired.
    • An auto repairer's invoice, which includes the details of the required repairs as well as the date and time.
    • A receipt/invoice for parts that were purchased on the day, if you carried out the repairs yourself.
    • A towing invoice if the vehicle was towed, which includes the car registration, date, time and location it was from towed from.

    Any documentation provided must be on an official letterhead paper and include the company's ABN and contact information, so we can contact the provider and verify the details. Providing false or misleading documents is illegal. This may lead to prosecution.


    Online Parking Infringement Appeal Form

    Nominate another driver of the vehicle

    If you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time the infringement was incurred, you have 28 days to nominate the actual driver by completing the below online nomination form. You must provide the driver's full name, current address and date of birth. If you do not submit the nomination form, you will be deemed to have committed the offence. 

    Online Parking Infringement Nominate Another Driver

    Take the matter to Court

    Should you wish to have a parking infringement heard in the Magistrates' Court rather than investigated by the City, please notify the City in writing. On receipt of such a nomination, the City will make all necessary arrangements for the matter to be heard in the Magistrates' Court and will notify you in writing of the date when the "First Mention" will occur. 

    When you receive notification of the "First Mention" date, you will need to notify the Court of your intention to plead "Guilty" or "Not Guilty".

    If a plea of “Guilty” is endorsed the matter will be dealt with and a penalty will be imposed by the Magistrate after hearing the statement of facts from the prosecution.

    If a please of “Not Guilty” is endorsed the Magistrate will either set a further hearing date or a trial date to appear, depending on proceedings.

    It should be noted that, while an infringement notice may only impose a modified penalty, the City of Vincent Parking Local Law clause 7.1 provides for a minimum penalty on conviction (Court finding) of $250, not to exceed $5,000.

    There may also be associated court costs awarded to the prosecution in relation to the matter. It is always recommended that legal advice be obtained before either electing for court or appearing at the first mention date.

    To obtain further information about the going to court process visit the Perth Magistrates Court website at:

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