Second-hand smoking and vaping

Did you know several of Vincent's parks and public spaces such as Braithwaite and Axford parks in Mt Hawthorn, Tu Do Park in Northbridge and Oxford Street Reserve in Leederville, are now smoke and vape-free?

The City is committed to limiting community exposure to second-hand smoke or and aerosol from e-cigarettes (vapes) which is why Vincent launched the Fresh Air – You’re Welcome! Smoke-Free Town Centres project in November last year.

The Fresh Air – You’re Welcome! team has put together some facts, tips and advice to help us all keep the community safe.

Second-hand smoking or vaping - also known as passive smoking or vaping - occurs when people near a smoker breathe in their smoke.

There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke. It is harmful to everyone who breathes it in, from your friends and family to children and pets.

Possible harmful effects

Second-hand smoking

    Second-hand smoking may increase the risks of:

    1. respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia
    2. heart attacks and coronary heart disease
    3. type 2 diabetes
    4. strokes and dementia caused by plaque build-up in arteries
    5. lung cancer
    6. eye, nasal and throat irritation, such as coughing or shortness of breath

    Smoking during pregnancy is also considered second-hand smoking and can affect your child. You can read more about the second-hand smoking and pregnancy on Make Smoking History website

    Second-hand vaping

    The long-term harms of e-cigarette use - or vaping - are not yet known.

    However, it has been demonstrated that e-cigarettes (vapes) produce an aerosol that can expose you and people around you to harmful substances. Until further research is conducted, it is recommended you minimize your exposure to e-cigarette's aerosol.

    You can read more about the dangers of vaping via the Department of Health website.

    Three tips to protect your community from second-hand smoke or vape

    1. Quit
      If you’re a smoker or a vaper, try to quit. The desire to protect friends, family and pets can be a great motivator to quit. You can learn more about how to quit here.
    2. Teach
      Teach people - especially children - about second-hand smoke and vape and its dangers. Advise them to take some distance from smokers and vapers to avoid breathing their smoke.
    3. Use smoke-free space(s)
      Take advantage of our Smoke-Free Town Centres for your social gatherings and meet your friends at smoke-free venues.

      More information and support

      The City of Vincent's Fresh Air - You're Welcome! project aims to reduce community exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, create healthy environments, free from smoking and vaping in our entertainment precincts, and promote options available to a person looking to quit smoking or vaping.

      You can find further information on Make Smoking History website.

      For more information or support, visit


      How Does My Smoking Affect Others? | Make Smoking History

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