Character Retention Areas and heritage areas

To help protect areas with a strong sense of character or heritage, Council approved a local planning policy called ‘Character Retention and Heritage Areas’.

This policy gives Vincent’s streetscapes more protection than our previous policies, and it will allow the City (and the community) to better preserve and protect our built form and precinct character. St Albans Avenue in Highgate is the first area to be designated under the new policy as a Character Retention Area. Harley Street in Highgate is the first area to be designated as a Heritage Area.

This policy allows residents to nominate a street or area to be recognised as a Character Retention Area or Heritage Area and take an active role in recommending what characteristics they would like to see protected.

Getting your area recognised under the policy involves a three step process:

  1. Nominate your area
  2. Consult with your neighbours to gain support, then work together with the City to prepare character retention guidelines
  3. Approval of the guidelines by Council

To start the process, speak with your neighbours to gauge their opinion - you need 40% support from the affected residents and owners (signatures on nomination form).


Current Policy No. 7.5.15 - Character Retention Mount Hawthorn - Final Adopted Policy

Character Retention Areas Information Sheet

Character Retention Areas - Nomination Form

More Information

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