Code of Conduct

The City of Vincent Council is the elected body responsible for the administration of the City in the best interests of our community. The Council is committed to providing open, responsive and accountable government. We must do that in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The Code of Conduct provides Council Members and Employees in the City of Vincent with consistent guidelines for an acceptable minimum standard of professional conduct and behaviour in carrying out their functions and responsibility. 

The Code addresses, in a concise manner, the broader issue of ethical responsibility and encourages greater transparency and accountability in the City. It encourages a commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outlines principles in which individual and collective responsibilities may be based.

The Code of Conduct applies to every Council Member and City Employee.

Local Government Rules of Conduct Regulations 2007

It is a requirement of the Code of Conduct that Council Members observe the Local Government Rules of Conduct Regulations 2007 and the general principles referred to in Regulation 3(1):

"... a person in his or her capacity as a council member should –

  1. act with reasonable care and diligence; and
  2. act with honesty and integrity; and
  3. act lawfully; and
  4. avoid damage to the reputation of the local government; and
  5. be open and accountable to the public; and
  6. base decisions on relevant and factually correct information; and
  7. treat others with respect and fairness; and
  8. not be impaired by mind affecting substances 

More Information

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