Lightbox Laneway

Here at the City of Vincent, we are incredibly passionate about public art and acknowledge the importance it holds within the community. Not only does it bring artists and a community together, it celebrates, recognises and promotes our rich cultural and social diversity through artistic expression.

If you head for a stroll down the laneway between 483 and 485 Beaufort Street in Highgate, you’ll come across eight lightbox cabinets. We provide the opportunity for an artist to utilise these lightboxes to exhibit their works.

The aim of our Lightbox Laneway Gallery is to create a public exhibition space to showcase local artists and their talent, get artistic conversation flowing on the streets and help create an artistic atmosphere within our creative community. It helps provide opportunities for artists or a group of artists to showcase their concepts, creativity and artistic intentions in the public realm, or emerging curators to celebrate and feature young artists of their choice.

So if you’re a local artist, part of a group of artists or a curator, we encourage you to submit a Lightbox Laneway Gallery exhibition proposal. Successful applicants will receive a budget of $1,000 to go toward covering various costs and fees.

As an applicant, you’ll need to be able to envision, write about and install your exhibition, and apply with a complete concept supported by a visual mock up with examples of past works. Preference will be given to artists who are residents of the City of Vincent – it’s only fair after all!

Currently Exhibiting

Picture Sound  I  Felicity Groom and May Bluebell  I  Exhibiting February 2021 - current

A collaborative exhibition of works by two local female artists Felicity Groom and May Bluebell, Picture Sound is an artistic response to both archival photographs and contemporary images of the City of Vincent area. 

Visual artist May Bluebell's work is abstract with a strong focus on Western Australian landscapes, exploring themes of connectivity, community and history. Musician Felicity Groom has created an audio track in response to each of May's prints, available to play through QR codes, so audiences can experience a melodic guided tour along the laneway.

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