Tools and Resources provided by the City to Grow your Business

Using Public Space to Grow Your Business:

Activation is a growing trend whereby businesses use their adjacent public space in creative ways to engage customers. The City is focused on encouraging businesses to think outside the box and utilise the public space around their business to expand their business and activate the public realm.

In order to cut red tape and make activation easier for businesses, the City has introduced an online permit system to provide local businesses with free and instant permits to set up their outdoor eating areas, display goods on the footpath and put out portable signage.

Great places are filled with people and activity. Active places are good for business and they help to create safe, healthy and inspired communities.

Read on for further information about how you can grow your business by activating the space around it:

Outdoor Eating Area Permit:

An outdoor eating area is any seating area adjacent to a food premises. Outdoor Eating Area Permits are free and if you own a food premises then we encourage you to create an outdoor eating area.

Outdoor Eating Area Permit

Displaying Goods on the Footpath:

How amazing does it look and feel when retailers spill out onto the street? We love it! Display of Goods Permits are free and we encourage all retail businesses to bring out and display their wares on the street. This creates life and interest, and really works to maximise the exposure of your offerings. Just be sure to leave a 1.5m wide access on the path for people to use.

Displaying Goods on the Footpath

Temporary Signs (A-Frames):

The City allows one street sign per business. Please ensure your signs are sturdy and secure (to minimise harm) and of average size (around 1m high x 0.75m wide).

Temporary Signs (A-Frames)

Book a Public Space in your Town Centre for Free:

Vincent has a number of great Town Centre Public Spaces that can be booked for free. What events could you create that involve the community and promote your business? Imagine the possibilities…

Town Centre Public Spaces include:

  • Axford Park (Mount Hawthorn Town Centre)
  • North Perth Common (North Perth Town Centre)
  • Mary Street Piazza (Beaufort Street Town Centre)
  • Tu Do Park (William Street Town Centre)
  • Leederville Village Square (Leederville Town Centre)
  • Oxford Street Reserve (Leederville Town Centre)

Click here to find out more about the City’s Public Spaces, Parks and Facilities that are available to book.

Host a Vibrant Public Space:

Vibrant Public Spaces are areas in the public realm that support social interaction and community engagement. They are spaces which provide pedestrian amenity and are for everyone to enjoy. 

You can apply to host a Vibrant Public Space (street furniture, affixed eating area furniture, pop-up parklet/eatlet or parklet/eatlet) outside your business.

See the City’s Vibrant Public Space Policy outlining the process and information needed in order to host your very own Vibrant Public Space.

Economic and Community Data:

The City has subscribed and provides access to an online data resource which provides an insight into the economic profile, community profile, social atlas and population forecasts for the City of Vincent.

This data provides valuable information and data and allows businesses to better understand the community by showing characteristics such as age, income, diversity, local businesses, population trends, market characteristics and so much more!

Id Community Data

Foodsafe Training for Handlers:

The City in conjunction with Environmental Health Australia provides a FoodSafe Training Course that is cheap, flexible and covers all aspects of food safety relevant to the hospitality and food service industry.

Foodsafe Training for Handlers

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