construction noise management plans

Noise from a construction site is permitted between the hours of 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays in accordance with regulation 13 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. There may be times where works are required to be completed outside of these hours such as along major roads with heavy day time traffic conditions. It is safer to complete the works at night in these cases. 

The City may approve work outside of the allowable hours, where a noise management plan has been prepared and submitted at least seven days prior to the works, and approved. There are a number of strict requirements and the City will only approved these where adequate justification is received. The City will not approved out of hours works simply because a project is behind schedule, as it needs to consider the impact on the surrounding occupiers. 

A noise management plan must contain the following:

  1. Brief description of the proposed works.
  2. Dates and times of the proposed works.
  3. Reasons why the construction work is proposed to be undertaken outside of 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, or any time on a Sunday or public holiday.
  4. Detailed map showing the area of works including nearby streets and nearest noise receivers.
  5. Details and duration of activities on the construction site likely to result in noise emissions that fail to comply with the assigned levels prescribed by Regulation 7.
  6. List all types of equipment to be used with db(A) levels at one metre and (refer to manufacturer’s data or AS 2436-2010).
  7. Details of measures to be implemented to control noise (including vibration) emissions.
  8. Confirmation that all equipment used onsite is the quietest reasonably available, and that the construction work will be carried out in accordance with control of environmental noise practices set out in section 4 of AS 2436-2010 Guide to noise and vibration control on construction, maintenance and demolition.
  9. Procedure for monitoring noise (and vibration) emissions.
  10. The proposed notification area (all premises that will be exposed to noise in excess of the assigned levels prescribed by Regulation 7 must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the works).
  11. An example of the notification letter that will be delivered to premises identified in point 8 above, including details of the proposed works, dates, start and finish times and a telephone number for the person contactable at all times during the works.
  12. Complaint response procedure.


  • Refer to AS 2436-2010 Guide to noise and vibration control on construction, maintenance and demolition for further guidance.
  • Certain works may require the submission of noise contour maps showing the noise impacts on surrounding noise sensitive premises.
  • You may wish to seek the advice of an Acoustic Consultant to assist in preparation of the noise management plan, particularly where works are directly adjacent sensitive properties.
  • Where noise is predicted to affect noise receivers in adjacent local government areas, you must also contact that Local Government to seek their support.

To apply for approval please download the below form.

Noise Management Plan Approval application - Regulation 13

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