Tree Selection Tool

The City of Vincent has developed a Tree Selection Tool to assist in tree selection for certain planting projects.

The Tree Selection Tool is a database with information about the City’s various streetscapes typologies, as well as a comprehensive set of tree species, their key features and growing requirements.

Tree Selection Tool

How to use the Tree Selection Tool

Choose between "Master" and "Trial".

The master list is comprised of tried and tested tree species that perform well in Vincent.

The trial list is comprised of tree species that may be suitable for use in the City but are yet to be tested.

Select the streetscape typology.

If you are unsure, you can check our colour coded Streetscape Typologies Map.

Select the origin.

You can choose between Australian native and exotic.

Select the type of trees.

You can choose between deciduous, coniferous, broadleaf, and sclerophyllous.

Check the results.

Once you set up your filters, you can see the results in the left column.

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