Student citizenship awards

Student Citizenship Awards support annual school awards and acknowledge the contributions made by our youth to the City of Vincent. Student Citizenship Awards will be presented annually to up to three (3) students (where there are three classes) in the final years of Primary School, Junior High School (Year 10) and Senior High School (Year 12) attending schools located in the City.

Selection Guidelines

The City acknowledges two worthy recipients from each local school who have displayed:

  • qualities of citizenship, such as enthusiasm, interest, fairness and participation in school and community affairs
  • high personal qualities
  • personal development; academic achievement
  • a good knowledge of Government, Local Government and the City of Vincent

A total of up to $550 is provided to each school participating in the Awards, with $250 being allocated to the school and up to $100 worth of gifts being provided to each student in the form of a book voucher and framed certificate.

The Community Development team contacts all our local schools in September.

For more information, please check out the Guidelines and Criteria

More Information

For more information, contact the Community Development team via email or call 9273 6000.

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