Our reliable rangers known as the Ranger & Parking Services, which are a part of the Community Safety team, face challenging daily issues mostly to do with dog control, security, vandalism and parking. Where possible, they aim to resolve problems via discussion, negotiation and public education. 

They perform a wide range of duties and responsibilities to provide you and the rest of the wider Vincent community with a number of services, including:

  • enforcement of Local Laws, Acts of Parliament and regulations
  • ensuring access to facilities and amenities through equitable parking management and control (street, verge and car park control)
  • preventing and deterring people from littering and dumping rubbish (litter control)
  • reporting and preventing vandalism and theft of City property
  • graffiti reporting
  • dog and other animal control and management
  • dog registration and tips on how to look after your pet dogs
  • returning lost pets to their owners and finding new homes for stray animals
  • reporting and removing abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys
  • patrols of parks, reserves and buildings
  • unauthorised signs in public areas
  • assisting in the management of events
  • policing streets and footways and verge obstructions (permit application)
  • control of street traders
  • working with Police and other agencies to report anti-social or criminal behaviour.

The Community Safety team are involved in many programmes and initiatives to assist with community safety and crime reduction, the Community Safety team help create a safer community for you and the rest of the Vincent folks to live, work and play. 

Got a safety concern? Give the Co-ordinator Ranger and Parking Services a call on 9273 6000 or drop them a line to: mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.

Though incredibly quick and nimble on their feet, our rangers can only work so fast. Please allow them time to respond to complaints (within their scope of duties) and they will get onto it as soon as possible. 

For your information, there’s also an emergency after-hours service in case you need to contact a ranger after normal business hours.

Hours of Service

Monday to Friday  6.00am to 11.00pm 
Saturday & Sunday 7.00am to 11.00pm 

For ranger services during office hours, contact the Customer Service Centre on 9273 6000 between 8.30am and 5pm. 

For any emergency-related enquiries, please call 9273 6061 after hours. 

More Information

  • For information on roads and footpaths, contact Infrastructure and Environment on 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au
  • To report damaged regulatory signs contact Main Roads on (free call) 1800 800 009
  • To report damaged or faulty street lights, contact Western Power on (free call) 1800 622 008
  • To report damaged bus shelters, contact Infrastructure and Environment on 9273 6000 or use the Report It form below
  • To report litter and illegal dumping, contact Waste and Recycling on 9273 6000 or use the Report It form below
  • To report graffiti vandalism, contact the Administration Officer - Infrastructure and Environment on 9273 6000 or use the Report It form below.

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