Trees of Significance

The City of Vincent Trees of Significance Inventory

Many individual and groups of trees are highly valued by the community including remnants of the original vegetation of the area now left within a developed urban environment. These trees hold significant value for their visual, aesthetic, botanic, scientific, ecological, historical, commemorative, cultural or social aspects.

The Trees of Significance Inventory, adopted in 1999, aims to protect trees of significant value within the City of Vincent and is an important strategic initiative in achieving the objective of the Strategic Community Plan to maintain and enhance the natural and built environment.

The function of the Trees of Significance Inventory is to provide an active document for the City to recognise a valuable natural resource and to establish long-term plans for the conservation, enhancement, maintenance and integration of this natural resource into Vincent's inner urban fabric. The Trees of Significance Inventory is linked to the Town Planning Scheme which provides for the protection of trees that are considered worthy of retention.

Trees of Significance Inventory

Trees of Significance Policy

In most instances, planning approval will need to be obtained from the City before the removal or significant pruning of any tree listed on the Trees of Significance Inventory.

Policy No. 3.6.3 clarifies when approval is required for work associated with Trees of Significance.

Policy 7.6.3 Trees of Significance

Trees of Significance Nomination

The Trees of Significance Policy also provides a framework for the nomination of trees for consideration onto the Trees of Significance Inventory.

Trees of Significance Nomination Form

Arborist Assessment Template

Significant Tree Assistance Fund Application Form

Conditions of Funding