The City of Vincent Greening Plan is a pathway to delivering on our responsibility to protect, enhance and effectively manage our natural and built environment. 

The Greening Plan focuses on opportunities on both public and privately owned land to increase overall tree canopy cover, create more liveable neighbourhoods and foster biodiversity.  

The City’s adopted its first Greening Plan in 2014 which focused on ways to increase canopy cover, landscape amenity and biodiversity within Vincent.

In 2018 the Greening Plan was reviewed. As part of this review, actions and outcomes were assessed against targets set in 2014. This identified a number of gaps and opportunities including the need to separately address canopy loss on private land and the need for further education on the importance of trees.

This lead to the development of Greening Plan 2018-2023 which was adopted by Council in September 2018.

Greening Plan 2018-2023

Greening Plan Objectives

The Greening Plan 2018-2023 identifies five key areas with specific targets and actions for each. The five objectives of the Greening Plan are summarised below.

Increase canopy cover on public land

  • Increase tree canopy cover on land managed by the City of Vincent.

Enhance habitat and promote biodiversity

  • Increase the diversity and overall height of trees and other vegetation; and
  • Linking areas of existing habitat and biodiversity through new habitat plantings across the City.

Greening the town centres

  • Improving the amenity of Vincent’s town centres and reducing the urban heat island effect through trees and other vegetation.

Greening private land and new development

  • Develop mechanisms to encourage the retention of existing tree canopy;
  • Requiring the incorporation of tree canopy, green infrastructure and vegetation cover in new developments; and
  • Advocating for changes to state planning legislation and policy to facilitate protection of existing tree canopy on privately owned land.

Greening the community

  • Increasing community awareness of the social and environmental benefits of trees and green spaces; and
  • Inviting and supporting community involvement in greening activities.
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