The Vincent Greening Plan is a pathway to delivering on our responsibility to protect, enhance and effectively manage our environment. It focuses on ways to increase canopy cover, landscape amenity and biodiversity within the City of Vincent.

The Plan was approved by Council at the 8 July 2014 meeting (you can read the Minutes here - see Item 9.2.1).

You can read the Greening Plan here.

You can view the Five-Year Implementation Schedule here.

Greening Plan Objectives

1. Increasing canopy cover

  • Increase the overall tree canopy cover across the City
  • Additional tree planting programs
  • Revised pruning techniques
  • Streetscape enhancements 

2. Greening the community

  • Build community awareness and community involvement in greening Vincent
  • Green themed workshops and seminars
  • Local Native Plant Sales
  • National Tree Day planting events
  • Vincent’s Green e-Newsletter
  • Adopt a Verge program 

3. Greening, enlarging and enhancing public open spaces

  • Increase the total area, usability and accessibility of Public Open Space
  • Installing park infrastructure
  • Oxford Street Reserve redevelopment
  • Nature playgrounds 

4. Greening the Town Centres

  • Improve the amenity of Town Centres and reduce the urban ‘heat island’ effect
  • Leederville Town Centre enhancement project, including Oxford St Reserve
  • Scarborough Beach Road enhancements 

5. Greening new development

  • Encourage ‘greener’ developments within Vincent
  • Sustainable design principles
  • ‘Green’ infrastructure
  • Increased vegetation 

6. Enhancing habitat and promoting biodiversity

  • Increase the diversity and height of trees and shrubs linking existing habitat areas
  • Eco-zoning program
  • Installation of 52km of Greenways 

The Bigger Picture

To see how the Vincent Greening Plan fits into our City's wider Sustainable Environment Strategy click here, then follow the Greening Vincent link to check out some of our other relevant projects and activities.