Eyes on the street

Eyes on the Street is a former WA Police Force community safety initiative which is now supported by Crime Stoppers WA.

The program allows everyone to be "eyes and ears" for the police by providing a quick, easy and anonymous way to report suspicious and criminal activity and behaviour, especially security officers, rangers, taxi and ride share drivers, couriers, hotel staff and anyone who, through the nature of their work, may come across suspicious behaviour on a regular basis.

Information shared with Crime Stoppers WA is then directed to the WA Police Force or other law enforcement agencies for their intelligence and action where appropriate.

Eyes on the Street is an information sharing exercise. If you need police assistance call 131 444, or in an emergency call 000. 

What can I report?

Police matters Report information to Crime Stoppers WA which is directed to WA Police and other law enforcement agencies.
Prison matters Report information about criminal activity in the prison system. These reports go directly to Corrective Services.
Scams Report information relating to scammers and how they operate. These reports go directly to WA ScamNet.
Environmental matters Report information relating to illegal dumping, pollution, landfill levy, illegal clearing of vegetation, plastic bag ban or other environmental issues. These reports go directly to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.
Neighbourhood Watch matters If you are a participant in the Neighbourhood Watch program, report information about suspicious behaviour or criminal activity in your local community.

How to Report

Join the thousands of people who have made reports to Crime Stoppers WA and contributed to a safer community for us all, by expanding the intelligence held by WA Police and helping to get criminals off our streets.

Anonymity Explained

Crime Stoppers WA value the information you provide much more than knowing your identity. That’s why they take measures to protect your anonymity if you prefer it, regardless of whether you make a report over the phone or online. Find out more about Crime Stoppers Online Anonymity Guarantee by watching the video below.

More Information

Contact the Safer Vincent Advisor on 9273 6000 or email mail@vincent.wa.gov.au .

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