Underground Power

A once-in-a-generation project with Western Power to deliver affordable underground power to the City of Vincent is underway.

Western Power, the State Government and Vincent have committed to converting distribution powerlines to underground power, delivering reliable and safe power while improving street appeal and allowing the tree canopy to flourish.

This is the most affordable option for underground power which has been offered to Vincent and property owners.

Council’s vision in its 10-year Strategic Community Plan is for Vincent to be a leafy and vibrant 24-hour city synonymous with quality design and sustainability.

Undergrounding power will help achieve this vision quicker than any other single project in our history.

Projects Areas


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North Perth / Mount Hawthorn

Project Number Project 343
Detailed design Currently underway
Estimated construction start date Late 2023
Estimated duration Approximately 18 months

Learn more about Underground Power - North Perth / Mount Hawthorn

North Perth / Mount Lawley

Project Number Project 347
Detailed design 2023 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Second quarter of 2024
Estimated duration Approximately 16 months

North Perth / Mount Lawley

Perth / Highgate

Project Number Project 348

Detailed design

Mid 2023 – early 2024 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Early 2025
Estimated duration Approximately 14 months

Perth / Highgate


Project Number Project 406
Detailed design 2024 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Mid 2025
Estimated duration Approximately 29 months


Mount Hawthorn (South Scarborough Beach Road)

Project Number Project 340
Detailed design Late 2024 – Mid 2025 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Late 2025
Estimated duration Approximately 26 months

Mount Hawthorn (South Scarborough Beach Road)

West Perth

Project Number Project 1190
Detailed design 2025 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Early 2027
Estimated duration Approximately 15 months

West Perth

North Perth

Project Number Project 35
Detailed design 2026 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Mid 2027
Estimated duration Approximately 12 months

North Perth

Mount Hawthorn (North Scarborough Beach Road)

Project Number Project 34A
Detailed design 2026 (dates to be confirmed)
Estimated construction start date Mid 2027
Estimated duration Approximately 13 months

Mount Hawthorn (North Scarborough Beach Road)


Is underground power coming to my area?

In May 2022, Council authorised the CEO to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for its first three project areas in North Perth/Mount Lawley, North Perth/Mount Hawthorn and Perth/Highgate.

In December 2022, a second MOU was signed for a further five project areas which will cover Leederville, Mount Hawthorn, West Perth and North Perth.

Will it cost me any money?

Yes. The exact details on cost and funding are not yet available. We will notify property owners as soon as the cost modelling is complete.

When is it coming?

Construction on the first three project areas is expected to commence towards the end of 2023 and be completed within two years. The five new project areas will then follow in 2025 with all of Vincent to have underground power by the end of 2028. 

I’ve already paid for underground power, will I get a refund?

The underground power service charges applicable to ratepayers will have two components: Network services charge (or network infrastructure costs); and Consumer mains charge (connection between green dome and property cost). If you have underground cable installed between the green dome and meter box at your property, we can confirm that you will receive only Network services charge.

What are the benefits?

Underground power is designed to deliver reliable and safe power, while improving your street appearance and opportunities for emerging technologies, and we’re committed to working with you to deliver these benefits.

  • Improved public safety – with improved street lighting neighbourhoods are safer and removing poles may result in less car collisions.
  • Improved reliability and security – once the power is underground, you’ll experience fewer disruptions after major storm events, which means reduced likelihood of unplanned power outages.
  • Improved street appearance – No power lines create a more aesthetically pleasing neighbourhood.
  • Increased property value – the absence of poles and wires and the inclusion of new street lighting has a positive impact on property values.
  • Reduction in street tree pruning – Property owners and Local Government save on maintenance costs, while also allowing the tree canopy to flourish.
  • Lower life-cycle costs – underground power has minimal maintenance and operating costs.
  • Improved opportunity for emerging technologies – helps pave the way for innovation and caters better to future power demand.

If I have a green dome, will I need to pay more?

If you have an underground cable connecting green dome to your meter box at your property, you will only pay a network services charge, not a consumer mains charge.

Will town centres be included in the roll-out?

All town centres are included in the project areas. Please refer to the maps.

When will we get Underground Power, is there an indicative timeline?

Detailed design for construction of each project usually takes approximately 12 months.  Generally, each project is expected to be completed within two years of construction starting.

Will the new streetlights be the same place as current lighting?

It is unlikely that a new streetlight will be placed in the same position as a previous streetlight. With every project, a new LED street lighting system is designed and installed to the latest Australian Standards. Each project is different, and the positioning of new streetlights is reviewed during the design stage.

What is the impact of the works?

Western Power aim to minimise any impacts of underground power works to your property or business. Western Power contractors and the City of Vincent will keep you informed with regular updates on each stage of construction to minimise any impacts. Contractors generally work within regular construction hours.  If after hours work is required for public safety reasons, Western Power will work with the City of Vincent and other relevant authorities to schedule the most appropriate time and inform you prior to these commencing.

While the work is being carried out there may be some construction impacts:

  • Noise, dust, vibrations may all be a part of construction, but Western Power contractors will undertake works in accordance with standards and with a detailed management plan
  • Noise impacts will be minimised by only using equipment that is well maintained and fit for purpose, as well as scheduling times to have the least impact on you
  • To complete the work safely, traffic management will be in place to manage traffic and pedestrian flow. Please take care around work sites and follow the appropriate signage

Where can I get more information?

The underground power project will be carried out in stages. At the start of each stage, you’ll receive notification prior to works commencing, explaining what will be done and how it may impact you. 

Contacts for specific enquiries are as follows:

  • Project works impacting you – Contractor (when engaged)
  • Project costs and funding (not yet available) – City of Vincent
  • Underground power general information - Western Power

Latest news

Underground Power

Underground power coming to Vincent
Posted 14 December 2022 Underground power coming to Vincent

Vincent and Western Power have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding for five project areas.

Budget 2022/23
Posted 06 July 2022 Budget 2022/23

Council has adopted the Budget 2022/23.

Vincent endorses underground power project
Posted 18 May 2022 Vincent endorses underground power project

Council endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding with Western Power.


Find out More

For questions related to the timing of the projects, site reinstatement or construction related activities, please email mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.

More information is available on the Western Power website.

You can also send your question(s) directly to City of Vincent via undergroundpower@vincent.wa.gov.au.

Make the safe call

If you see a fallen powerline, pole or damage to other electrical infrastructure, always assume it’s live.

Make the safe call and report an electrical emergency immediately to Western Power on 13 13 51 to keep you and your community safe.

If the emergency is life threatening, call emergency services on 000.