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At the City of Vincent, we are always looking for new, effective ways to reduce crime and improve community safety. Although we can’t get a hold of Superman, we are passionate about fighting crime and making our brilliant suburbs an even better place for you, our residents and visitors, to live, work and play in. 

Great news…

The WA Police have released the most recent statistics, which show that Vincent is actually a safer place to live work and play than ever before, with recorded decreases in most offences since 2008. Hurray! 

Although the Safer Vincent Partnership can’t take full credit for the reduced crime rate, this integrated working partnership between the City and key local agencies has certainly proved an effective contribution to a safer and healthier environment for all. We never needed you after all, Superman.

Safer Vincent Crime Prevention Partnership

With meetings every two months, the Safer Vincent Crime Prevention Partnership pulls together a broad spectrum of key stakeholders within the community including local police, businesses, seniors, youth and multicultural representatives. This Partnership is not only dedicated to implementing safer initiatives within Vincent, it is the main force behind the Crime Prevention and Safety Plan, overseeing its ongoing progress and allocating priority funding. 

The Partnership also combines powers with the Co-ordinator of Safer Vincent to work with the community reps to roll out a variety of community initiatives and grant-funded programmes such as: 

Vincent Crime Stats Looking Good

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Profile for the Town of Vincent in 2008-09 the Office of Crime Prevention (whew!) states that since 1999-2000, our council area has seen lower crime rates recorded than the Central Metropolitan SSD area! Yes! This was seen across all offence categories, apart from residential burglaries from 1999-2000 to 2001-02 and again in 2004-05. 

We also proudly recorded lower rates of ‘offences against the person’, non-residential burglaries and property damage than the State over this period.  Additionally, we’ve seen an overall decline in offence rates for residential burglaries, non-residential burglaries and motor vehicle theft in Vincent over the ten-year period, which sits in line with State-wide trends. 

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 

Here at Vincent, we are dedicated to supporting and developing proactive crime prevention strategies. 

In 2005, we signed a partnership with the State Government's WA Police (previously known as the Office of Crime Prevention), which was aimed at developing a co-ordinated response to preventing crime and boosting safety within Vincent. This partnership also facilitates annual funding from the State Government directed toward local priority safety and crime prevention projects. With input from the Safer Vincent Crime Prevention Partnership, the local community and agency stakeholders, we saw the birth of the first ever Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan for Vincent in 2007. 

This safety plan is a strategic document that basically tells the stakeholders the actions they need to take when dealing with safety and crime prevention. A ‘whole City approach’, the plan maps out all crime prevention and safety actions within Vincent, with a revised plan brought out in 2011. The current plan was adopted in 2015 and will be reviewed again in 2018, making it an evolving document to move with the times and requirements. 

Want to take a look at the plan? Check it out right here

Meetings and Other Important Groups 

Western Suburbs Community Safety Co-ordinators Meetings

The Co-ordinator Safer Vincent gets together with other local government counterparts, as well as WA Police, to help keep the streets of the Western Suburbs safe by developing crime prevention and community safety strategies. Think of them as your super crime-fighting planning team. 

Central Metropolitan Police Integration Meetings

Run by WA Police Central Metropolitan District, this meeting looks at crime prevention and policing issues within the Central Metropolitan area to help keep you folks safe and sound. The meeting’s aim is to create a close, effective relationship between agency stakeholders and the Police when dealing with community concerns and issues. 

Parks Working Group

We, the City of Vincent, host this meeting to provide a forum for government and non-government stakeholders to share their expertise and information surrounding complex matters including homelessness, rough sleeping and anti-social behaviour in Vincent parks. 

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