Planning Legislation, checklists & information sheets

For everything you need including Planning Applications forms, checklists, information sheets, policies and fee schedule. 

Planning Schemes

The Regulations, made under the Planning and Development Act 2005 (the Act), govern the way in which local planning strategies and local planning schemes are prepared, consolidated and amended.

Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015

All local governments in Western Australia are required to have a Local Planning Strategy and Scheme. The Strategy sets out the long term land use planning direction and vision for the City while the Scheme sets out the rules for development in the City that align with this direction and vision. The Local Planning Scheme maps provide the land zoning, which in turn indicates the type of uses that may be possible in each particular area.

City of Vincent Local Planning Scheme No. 2

City of Vincent Local Planning Strategy

City of Vincent Town Planning Scheme No. 1 (repealed)

Please be advised that a portion of land within the City of Vincent Local Government Area is located within the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) Central Perth Redevelopment Scheme Area. All planning approvals for land within this area are administered through the MRA. 

A copy of the Scheme and applicable requirements can be found on the MRA website.

Local Planning Policies

The City’s Policy No. 7.1.1 Built Form is applicable to all development within the City of Vincent.

7.1.1 Built Form

All other local planning policies that may be applicable to your development are listed below:

7.4.2 Aged or Dependent Persons Dwellings

7.4.5 Temporary Accommodation

7.4.9 Encroachments Over Crown Lands

7.5.1 Amended Minor Nature Development Policy

7.5.2 Signs and Advertising

7.5.3 Education and Care Services

7.5.4 Substantial Commencement of Development

7.5.5 Domestic Satellite Dishes Microwave Antennae and Tower Masts

7.5.6 Telecommunication Facilities

7.5.7 Licensed Premises

7.5.8 Temporary Viewing Platform

7.5.9 Home Business Home Occupation Home Office and Home Store

7.5.10 Sustainable Design

7.5.13 Percent for Public Art

7.5.15 Character Retention and Heritage Areas

7.5.19 Amalgamation Condition On Planning Approvals

7.5.20 Street Addressing

7.5.21 Sound Attenuation

7.5.22 Consulting Rooms Policy

7.5.23 Construction Management Plans


7.6.1 Heritage Management - Development Guidelines for Heritage and Adjacent Properties

7.6.2 Heritage Management - Assessment

7.6.3 Trees of Significance

7.6.4 Heritage Management - Interpretation

7.6.5 Heritage Management - Amending MHI

7.6.6 Heritage Management - The Heritage List MHI

7.6.7 Heritage Management - Bonuses

7.6.8 Heritage Management - Enquiries

7.6.9 Heritage Assistance Fund


7.7.1 Non-Residential Development Parking Requirements

7.7.2 Car Sharing Policy


Appendix 3 - Design Guidelines for Richmond On The Park

Appendix 6 - Brookman and Moir Street Design Guidelines

Appendix 8 - Highgate Design Guidelines

Appendix 11 - Non - Conforming Use Register

Appendix 12 - Elven On The Park Design Guidelines

Appendix 14 - Design Guidelines No 95 Lot 75 and Part Lot 76 Chelmsford Road

Appendix 15 - Joel Terrace Design Guidelines

Appendix 16 - Design Guidelines Perth

Appendix 17 - Design Guidelines Lacey Street

Appendix 18 - Design Guidelines William

Appendix 20 - Refunding And Waiving Planning And Building Fees

Appendix 22 - Development Design Guidelines for Structures Above or Adjacent to the Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel Northbridge


4.1.05 Community Consultation

4.1.05 Community Consultation Appendix 3

4.1.05 Community Consultation Guidelines

Planning Fees and Charges

Planning Fees and Charges Schedule 2020/21

Register of Determined Development Applications

From 1 July 2020 the City will publish a register of Development Applications (DA's) that are determined by the City each month. These registers are available in PDF format below and are updated monthly. 

August 2020 - Determined DA's

July 2020 - Determined DA's