Sustainability Subsidies and Rebates

Modern Cloth Nappy Subsidy Initiative

The City of Vincent have teamed up with The Nappy Guru to provide City of Vincent Residents with a subsidised Cloth Nappy Program. The Nappy Guru is the only local provider of a nappy library, which provides a great level of service while building a local business.

See link below for more information and how to claim the subsidy.

Modern Cloth Nappy Subsidy

Reusable Sanitary Product Rebate Initiative

To help residents make the switch to Reusable Sanitary Products, City of Vincent is offering a rebate of 50 per cent of the cost of your reusable sanitary product purchase, up to a total rebate value of $50.

For example, residents can buy one menstrual cup and three pairs of period underwear for $100 and receive the maximum 50 per cent rebate of $50.

Everyday millions of single-use sanitary products, along with their wrappers and packaging, are sent to landfill. Some even end up polluting our wastewater and must be removed to prevent them entering our natural waterways.

Reusable Sanitary Products are easy to use and often far more convenient than single-use products.

They are also very cost effective and could see you save hundreds of dollars each year in comparison to single-use.

Many brands have taken the opportunity to ditch the plastic packaging in favour of more sustainable options, so you can choose to refuse single-use plastic.

Reusable Sanitary Products are widely available at online retailers, chemists and shops. Even major supermarkets are now stocking reusables.

Whether you’re a menstruating person or you are living with light bladder leakage or incontinence, there are many sustainable solutions to choose from in every size and shape:

  • menstrual cups
  • period underwear
  • cloth pads
  • light bladder leakage underwear
  • reusable Incontinence underwear and pads (men's/women's)
  • reusable maternity nursing pads

To claim your rebate, please read the information pamphlet and complete the application form in the links below.

Reusable Sanitary Product Rebate Information

Reusable Sanitary Product Rebate Application Form


Did you know that almost 55 per cent of an average household bin is food and garden waste?

If this ends up in landfill it produces methane gas, which contributes to unwanted climate change. Composting is nature’s circular economy, where food waste is reused and its nutrients recycled into fertiliser. By returning these back to the soil, rather than letting organic waste rot away in landfills, we can feed diverse life in the soil. The bacteria, fungi, insects and worms in compost support healthy plant growth, which will help offset greenhouse gas emissions.

With the introduction of our Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) three-bin system, we are well on our way to achieving our goal of zero waste to landfill by 2028.

But don't let FOGO stop you from composting at home. Processing organics at the source is always the greenest option and you'll have a steady supply of home made compost, worm juice and castings to enrich your soil and recirculate plant and food materials in your own backyard!  

Composting and worm farming equipment

We have a range of composting and worm farming equipment available for Vincent residents to purchase.

You can order and pay for your composting equipment over the phone and we will deliver it to your home. If you prefer to pay for your equipment in person, the City's cashier will take payments at our Administration Building, 244 Vincent Street, Leederville.

Please note that a $15 delivery fee is applicable for all purchases.

Equipment Cost
220L compost bin (limit of 2 per household) $63.32
Aerator (limit of 2 per household) $22.54
Bokashi bucket (complete kit to get started, comes with Bokashi mix, bucket and more) (limit of 2 per household) $63.32
Worm farm (Factory Only) (limit of 2 per household) $103.89

In-ground worm farm (limit of 2 per household)


How-to fact sheets

To help you make the right recycling choices and to help with your worm farming and composting activities, we've created a suite of user friendly fact sheets. You can pick these up from us in person, or access printable versions below:


Using Bokashi

Worm farming

In-ground worm farming

Free composting and worm farming workshops

The City of Vincent holds free composting workshops for residents throughout the year, covering everything you need to know about composting, bokashi bins and worm farming.

Please check the City of Vincent events page here and follow the City of Vincent Facebook page to find the next workshop.

Need more info? Please contact our Waste and Recycling team on 9273 6000 or email

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