Lodging Houses

A lodging house is any premises in which provision is made for more than six (6) persons to reside, for hire or reward. This does not include the keeper or his/her family who may reside with the other lodgers.

 In general terms, a lodging house should be constructed to ensure it is:

  1. Comfortable - provided with sufficient lighting and ventilation, complies with the approved maximum number of lodgers to prevent overcrowding.
  2. Provided with the basic facilities such as a functional and well maintained kitchen, bathroom(s), laundry units, toilet(s), lounge, dining area(s) and hot and cold water.
  3. Safe and hygienic - approved fire safety measures, emergency evacuation procedures are to be in place (i.e. hard wired smoke detectors, illuminated exit signs and emergency evacuation procedures in each room), and ensure that the general state of cleanliness is aesthetically satisfactory.

Refer to the below Lodging House Guidelines for information on structural, equipment, maintenance and local requirements for lodging houses.

Before the commencement of any development, alteration or extension of any lodging house, the City should be advised in writing and prior approval obtained.


Lodging House Guidelines 

Lodging House Registration Form

Lodging House Notice of Change of Ownership

More Information 

Contact Health Services on 9273 6533 or email mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.

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