Active Transport

Active Transport in Vincent

The City of Vincent is committed to creating a community where walking, cycling and using public transport are attractive and convenient alternatives to travelling by car. The City is keen to promote Active Transport within our locality and public transport maps and cycle and walking maps are available from the Administration Building.

The City encourages all residents, visitors and local businesses to use active transport when possible, and is actively working to promote, support and enable the use of more sustainable transport modes.

Many Vincent residents make around 20 car trips each week. However, only about half of these trips actually require a car, for example when transporting bulky items such as the weekly shopping. For the other half of the trips that we make, it is just as easy, and often quicker, cheaper, better for our health, and better for the environment, to walk, cycle, or use public transport. Why not:

  • Walk 500 metres to the local shop or park for some exercise.
  • Take the bus to the shopping centre or cinema.
  • Cycle 1 kilometre to meet friends.

One to One Cycle Training

Have you considered cycling to work but never quite made the first trip?

Not sure of the right route? Not sure the roads are safe enough? Just need a little encouragement? 

Sign up for a free one to one cycle session and a trained instructor will help you get over these hurdles and any others barriers. Find out more below.

One to One Cycle Training

Useful Information

Bike Parking - Report a problem or request more bike parking.

Bike Repair Stations - Need to do a few quick bike repairs and don't have the tools? Check out these bike repair stations around Vincent!

Your Move Transport Maps - Our Your Move Maps highlight all the cycling routes in Vincent as well as public transport options.

Bike Network Plan - The Vincent Bike Network Plan was approved at the October 15 2013 Special Meeting of Council.

Events - We regularly have events to promote walking and cycling so make sure you check here to keep up to date.

WA Active Transport - More information from the Department of Transport on active transport across Western Australia.

Super Tuesday Count - Each year Vincent takes part in Bicycle Network Super Tuesday commuter cycle count. Read the latest results here.

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