building application forms & fee schedule

Building Application Forms

BA1 - Application for Building Permit (Certified)

BA2 - Application for Building Permit (Uncertified)

BA5 - Application for Demolition Permit

BA9 - Application for Occupancy Permit

BA13 - Application for Building Approval Certificate

BA19 - Request to Amend Building Permit or Builder's Details  (Guidance Note - Building Permit: Amending Permit or Builder's Details)

BA22 - Application to Extend Time - Building or Demolition Permit

BA23 - Application to Extend Time - Occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate


BA7 - Notice of Completion

BA8 - Notice of Cessation

BA8A - Notice of Cessation - Multiple Properties (Building Work)

BA20 - Notice and Request for Consent to Encroach or Adversely Affect

BA20A - Notice and Request for Consent: Protection Structures, Party Walls, Removal of Fences, Access to Land

Building Permit Application Checklist

Checklist for Certified and Uncertified Building Permit Applications

Fees and Levies

FY2022/23 Building Fee Schedule

Building Services Levy

This levy applies to all residential and commercial building projects. The levy must be paid prior to commencement of construction. The levy is calculated at 0.2 per cent of the estimated value of the building work.

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