Solar for Strata

Benefits of solar in a strata dwelling

Solar can benefit everyone in a strata dwelling if it is a shared system and the cost of the panels are distributed amongst the group.

This would usually require less initial outlay per owner than a system on a single dwelling. Energy from these solar panels can be used to power equipment and appliances in common areas.

It may also be possible for non-shared solar panels to be placed on a strata building and wired directly to your apartment.

If you live in a strata, consider raising the benefits of solar at your next strata meeting – point out the long term cost saving benefits and don’t forget about the environmental benefits as well.

Reforms to the Strata Titles Act that came into effect in May 2020 will make it easier to install sustainability infrastructure (like solar panels) or utility infrastructure on common property within a strata or survey-strata scheme.

Note: The following information is general in nature and should not be taken as legal advice. Please consult a lawyer before entering into legal agreements.

Previously, installation of solar PV systems would have to be approved by owners within the strata by a resolution without dissent. Since these reforms, an ordinary resolution is all that is required.

The infrastructure (such as solar panels) can be owned by:

  • the strata company;
  • individual lot owners; or
  • a third party (such as a tenant or energy retailer).

If the infrastructure is owned by individual lot owners or a third party, the strata company:

  1. Can approve the installation of sustainability or utility infrastructure on common property by passing an ordinary resolution;
  2. The owner of the infrastructure will have access to the infrastructure through a statutory easement and the details of the arrangement will need to be contained in an agreement called an ‘infrastructure contract’ between the strata company and the owner of the infrastructure. This contract can be prepared by a lawyer, however, contact your strata manager in the first instance.

Solar for Strata Factsheet

For more detailed information on Solar for Strata, view our factsheet below:

 Solar for Strata factsheet

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