Adopt a Verge

What is the Adopt a Verge program?

The verge is considered to be the area between the road, your property and the property next door.

The Adopt a Verge program is designed to assist residents in converting their turfed or weedy verges into waterwise native gardens. This program is about getting together with your neighbours and transforming the verge areas in your street into beautiful native gardens and the City is here to help you.

Why adopt a verge?

There are many benefits to adopting your verge, including the greening of our local streets, increasing and fostering local biodiversity and establishing biodiversity corridors throughout the City (which means our animals can more easily move through and around Vincent). 

As part of the program, we strongly encourage residents to plant natives as they have low water, fertiliser and maintenance requirements and thrive in the Western Australian climate.

How does Vincent help?

The City will perform the required earthworks on the verge (boxing out and leveling), as well as supplying and installing a thick layer of mulch. Following the earthworks and mulching, it is the responsibility of the applicant to plant up and maintain the verge.

The City undertakes two rounds of Adopt a Verge each year, with one concluding in April and another in August. The timing of the rounds is designed to coincide with one of the City's Native Plant Sales, as well as to ensure all of the earthworks are completed at a time that is suitable for planting.

How do I apply?

Simply download the Adopt a Verge Application Form here, fill in the required fields and return the completed application form, along with a sketched plan of the proposed verge design including the location of any underground services (Dial Before You Dig), to the City either by email at, post at PO Box 82, Leederville 6902 or by dropping it into the Admin Building at 244 Vincent Street, Leederville. 

We are now accepting applications for April 2025.

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Adopt a Verge Fast Track Program

Due to the popularity of the Adopt a Verge program and the associated waiting list, the City is now offering the Adopt a Verge Fast Track program.

What is the Fast Track program? 

The City will perform the required earthworks on the verge (boxing out and leveling) in view that the applicant agrees to undertake the mulching of the verge within one month of the earthworks being carried out. Works on fast track verges will usually occur within six weeks of receiving applications however, please note that this timeframe cannot be guaranteed when works associated with the April and August rounds of the Adopt a Verge program are happening.

As per the Adopt a Verge program, the City will also provide a voucher for 20 native tube stock plants to assist in getting the verge garden established. Vouchers can be redeemed at one of the City's biannual Native Plant Sales.

If you would like to be a part of this program, please apply as per the process for the standard Adopt a Verge program (outlined above). All applications received will be given the opportunity to fast track their verge.

Useful Resources

Please consider Policy 2.2.4 'Verge Treatments, Plantings and Beautification' when planning your verge garden.

Check out the City's Waterwise Verge Guide for handy tips on establishing and maintaining your verge garden.

For more handy garden design ideas, waterwise plant selection and videos on how to makeover your verge visit the Water Corporation website.

More information

Please contact the City's Parks Technical Officer on 9273 6000 or email

This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation's Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for Vincent to be a leading waterwise community. 


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