Solar for single dwellings

If you own your own house, it’s a fairly straightforward process investing in solar.

Look at your energy usage

Do you use more energy at night than the day? Can you cut down your energy usage or install timers to run big ticket appliances during the day?

If you are a heavy night time user of power, maybe battery storage will suit you? Visit the Clean Energy Council’s battery storage FAQ’s page for more information. 

A useful summary guide for installing solar PV can be found here

Renew also provides an independent solar advice service that can help determine if solar is right for you. Visit their website for further information.

Being aware of how you consume energy can help you determine what sort of solar system you will need.

Shop around

Choose a few solar panel providers and ask for quotes that suit your situation.  The Clean Energy Council website has a list of accredited providers

Check if you can get a discount with any providers through the rewards for residents program.

Ask a few companies to quote, based on what you want as it pays to shop around.

Choose provider

Once you have the quotes and have checked that they have all quoted on what you need. Choose a provider to come and install your solar system. Remember to consider roof orientation – North facing is generally best and also any shade you may experience from neighbouring properties or trees.

Enjoy benefits

Sit back and enjoy the cost and environmental savings from your solar system. It’s worthwhile tracking how much extra energy you are purchasing from the grid and if you think it’s too high, consider ways you can further reduce your energy usage.

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