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There are two (2) types of building permit applications - certified and uncertified.

Certified Building Permit Application (BA1)

A certified building permit application must be accompanied by a Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3) issued by a registered, independent building surveyor. You will be responsible for engaging the services of a building surveyor.

The certificate, together with all the plans and documents certified by the building surveyor, must be submitted with a BA1 - Building Permit Application (Certified) form to the City.

Important note

A certified application is mandatory for Class 2 - 9 buildings e.g. shops, mixed used development, warehouses, offices and restaurants/cafes.

A certified application is optional for Class 1 buildings e.g. single dwelling and Class 10 structures e.g. sheds, swimming pools, and patios.

If you need to find a building surveyor, there is a Register of Building Surveying Contractors and Practitioners on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

Uncertified Building Permit Application (BA2)

An uncertified building permit application can be used only for:

  • Class 1 buildings e.g. single dwelling and granny flat.
  • Class 10 structures (non-habitable) e.g. shed, swimming pool or spa, patio and retaining wall.

You will not need to engage a registered, independent building surveyor.

All the plans and documents for the proposed building work are submitted together with a completed BA2 - Building Permit Application (Uncertified) form to the City. The City's Building Surveyors will assess the application and certify the documents.

Assessment Timeframes

The following assessment timeframes are in accordance with the Building Act 2011 ('the Act'):

  • Certified applications: Ten (10) business days (excluding public holidays).
  • Uncertified applications: 25 business days (excluding public holidays).

What happens when further information is required?

If additional information is required during the assessment of the building application, a letter will be sent to the applicant to request the information. The applicant has 21 calendar days to provide the requested information. 

Under the Act, the City has the right to refuse an application if all required information has not been provided. However, the City's Building Services team will work with applicants to avoid refusing an application wherever possible. 

If more time is needed to submit the information, a written request for an extension of time can be made to the Building Services team.

How Long is a Building Permit Valid For?

A building permit is valid for a period of two years from the date of its issue.

An extension of time on a building permit may be requested in writing to the City's Building Services team. The request should include:

  • Reason/s for the request;
  • The nominated period of extension; and
  • Evidence building work has been substantially commenced.

It will be at the City's discretion to determine whether an extension of time may be granted.

BA7 Notice of Completion

Under the Building Act 2011, the nominated builder is required to submit a BA7 Notice of Completion to the City within seven (7) days of the completion of the building works for which a building permit was granted. 

A BA7 Notice of Completion must:

  1. be in an approved form;
  2. state the work or stage of the work, for which the building permit was granted, is completed;
  3. be accompanied by a copy of a certificate for each inspection or test that applies to the building permit.

A BA7 form can be downloaded from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

Important note: 

Failure to submit a BA7 Notice of Completion is a breach of the Act. A penalty of $10,000 may be imposed. 

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