GOVERNANCE framework

At its 18 August 2020 Ordinary Council meeting, Council adopted the City’s first Governance Framework.

The framework highlights the City’s commitment to providing good governance by defining systems, policies, processes and a methodology for ensuring accountability, probity and openness in the conduct of City business.

The framework describes the principles and key roles that guide Council in its decision-making and demonstrates to the community the processes which the City uses to achieve its strategic priorities and undertake its service delivery.

It also details how the community is involved in the City’s affairs and decision-making processes.

The Governance Framework supports Council and Administration by: 

  • assisting Elected Members in partnership with Administration in delivering good governance on behalf of the community;
  • providing clear guidelines for Council and Administration in relation to their roles and responsibilities, and what is expected of them in relation to performance; and
  • acting as an induction tool for Elected Members and staff.

Governance Framework 

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