Weed Control

The City of Vincent is responsible for maintaining Public Open Space (POS) including parks, gardens and road reserves. All areas of POS require various forms of weed management to sustain their intended function.

Chemical Weed Control

Wherever possible, weed control is undertaken using chemical free techniques or organic herbicides. In some situations however, these techniques are either not effective or not feasible and alternative chemical weed control is required.

Alternative weed control herbicides used by the City are either non-selective or selective. Non-selective herbicides are used for the control of both broadleaf weeds and grasses, whereas selective herbicides control either broadleaf weeds or grasses exclusively.

The non-selective herbicide used for weed control is glyphosate. Instances where glyphosate is used include:

  • Control of perennial running grasses and woody perennial weeds in parks, reserves and streetscapes (predominantly in garden areas and for the City’s eco-zoning program).
  • Footpath and kerb line weed spraying program.

For more information on glyphosate, please view the glyphosate information page:

Glyphosate Information page

There are a variety of different selective herbicides which are predominantly used to control broad leaved weeds in turfed areas (e.g. for the control of bindii or prickle weed in turf). The specific herbicide used is determined by what weed is being targeted.

All Parks staff applying chemicals are trained in the safe application and storage of herbicides used for our practices. Herbicides are applied in accordance with the label directions and signage is displayed as per the Heath (Pesticides) Amendment Regulation 2016.

Contractors engaged by the City who apply herbicides are closely supervised by City officers to ensure they comply with the relevant regulations and legislation.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Control of broadleaf weeds in turfed areas within parks and reserves is important to minimise the spread of nuisance weeds such as bindii prickle Soliva pterosperma. Control of broadleaf weeds also reduces maintenance and water requirements of turfed areas by removing competing weed species.

The best time to carry our broadleaf weed control is in late winter/early spring once plants have germinated and before they set seed. This reduces the seed bank in the soil thereby reducing the occurrence of weeds in subsequent years.

The City engaged a qualified contractor to undertake broadleaf weed control within turfed areas of selected parks and reserves as outlined below (subject to weather suitability). The 2023 programme was completed as below:


  • Braithwaite Reserve
  • Richmond St Reserve
  • Axford Park
  • Blackford Park
  • Edinboro
  • Ellesmere - Matlock Reserve
  • Ellesmere-Eton Reserve
  • Hobart-Auckland Reserve
  • Lawler St sump
  • Shakespeare St reserve


  • Redfern-Norham Reserve
  • Ivy Park
  • Keith Frame Reserve
  • Oxford St reserve
  • Scarborough-Anzac Reserve
  • Sutherland St Reserve
  • Venables Park
  • Albert-Angove Park
  • Hyde Street Reserve


  • Mary St Piazza
  • Mick Michael Reserve
  • Monmouth Reserve
  • Multicultural Federation Gardens
  • Stuart St Reserve
  • Banks Reserve
  • Brigatti gardens
  • Brisbane - Wade Park
  • Gladstone Park
  • Jack Marks Reserve


    • Hyde Park
    • Loton Park


    • Brentham Reserve
    • Kyilla Reserve
    • Smiths Lake Reserve
    • Robertson Park
    • Banks Reserve
    • Weld Square

    Footpath and kerb line weed spraying program

    Seasonal weed control using glyphosate spraying will be conducted from September to December (weather permitting) as follows:

    • Glyphosate will be applied to road kerbs, footpaths adjacent to kerbs and traffic islands throughout Vincent, in accordance with label directions and best practice from the WA Department of Health.
    • Application will cease in wet or windy conditions and nozzle protection shrouds will be used to minimise spray drift.
    • Weed spraying vehicles will have clear signage showing ‘Slow Moving Vehicle, Spraying in Progress’ and display the Contractor’s name.

    Right of Way weed control

    The City runs an annual mechanical (manual) weed control program of all its Right of Ways (ROW). This is carried out via an external contractor and runs between September and December.

    No chemical spraying is carried out by the City within its ROWs. Weeds are cut down, removed from the site and processed at a local green waste facility.

    If you have concerns about weeds in your ROW, contact our Parks team on mail@vincent.wa.gov.au or 9273 6000.

    Weed Spraying Exemption

    Vincent residents who wish to exempt glyphosate spraying adjacent to their property can have their name and property address recorded on the non-spraying list.

    Fill out the form below to request an exemption.

    I/We request our property to be placed on the permanent weed spraying exemption list.

    I/We hereby undertake to keep the footpath and kerbline adjacent to my/our property clean and free from weed growth.*

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