Following extensive consultation with our community, we’re now making changes to car parking in and around Mount Hawthorn town centre to improve customer convenience and access to parking for local businesses.

What’s happening?

We’ve maintained parking restrictions on Scarborough Beach Road as one hour but modified the times from 8am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12 noon Saturday to 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, maintained the Town Centres 15 minute parking bays but modified the times so that they apply at all times and introduced three hour parking between 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday on all side streets off Scarborough Beach Road – all to make parking consistent and maximise parking turnover and supply for businesses and customers in the town centre.

Have a look at the map below to see the new restrictions:

Mount Hawthorn Parking Restriction Map

When will this Happen?

The new parking restrictions will come into effect on 2 October 2017. Although the signs will be in place, the parking restrictions will not be enforced until 2 October 2017 to allow time for our community and visitors to adjust.

Parking Permits

Commercial Parking Permit

Commercial parking permits allow business owners and employees to park in areas where there are parking restrictions. Permits are valid for one year from the date they are issued and need to be renewed annually.

For more information on applying for a commercial parking permit visit the Commercial Parking Permit page and submit the online form.

Residential Parking Permit

Residential parking permits exempt residents and their visitors from timed parking restrictions greater than one hour and outside public car parks.

If you already have a parking permit there is no need to apply for a new one.

For further information on applying for a residential parking permit visit the Residential Parking Permit page.

How else can I get there?

Want to visit Mount Hawthorn town centre and surrounds? There are a number of venues, events and facilities within the town centre which attract residents, businesses and visitors and increases pressure on parking in the area during peak periods.

Many of the trips we make can be made without the use of the car. For half of the trips we make it is just as easy and often quicker, cheaper, better for our health and better for the environment to use TravelSmart options. Mount Hawthorn currently has a finite amount of on and off street car parking. To help reduce the pressure on parking during peak periods the City encourages all residents, employees and visitors to use TravelSmart options.

Mount Hawthorn has many TravelSmart options including:

  • Bus routes (15, 402, 990) connecting Perth CBD and Glendalough Station
  • Shakespeare Street Bicycle Boulevard
  • Perth Bicycle Network Route
  • Local Bicycle Friendly Route
  • Maintained walking friendly pedestrian footpaths

For more information or to plan your journey to Mount Hawthorn visit the TransPerth 'Journey Planner' page or the City's public transport maps and cycling and walking maps.

More Information 

For enforcement and parking permit information contact the City's Rangers Services Team by email at or by telephone on 9273 6552.

For Information on TravelSmart options contact the City's TravelSmart Officer by email at or by telephone on 9273 6558.

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