Business event application

The City of Vincent understands the importance of vibrant and engaging events in fostering a thriving business community. Whether you're planning a market, festival, or promotional activity, this page is your go-to resource for obtaining the necessary permits to host successful events in our vibrant city.

When an Event Application is required?

An Event Application is required when:

  • The event is open to the public on City of Vincent land.
  • The event has any of the following:
    • Food for sale or alcohol.
    • Amplified music or entertainment.
    • Stalls.
    • A road closure.
    • Amusement rides.
    • Structures being installed.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to complete the application and the City of Vincent will let you know if no further approvals are required.

An Event Application IS NOT required when:

  • The event is being held in a Hall.
  • The event is a private picnic.

Event application process

By following these steps, you'll be on your way to hosting a successful and compliant event in the City of Vincent.

Submit Your Event Application Form

Submit your event application by completing our Event Application Online Form.

Book your venue

Secure your venue using our booking platform SpaceToCo.

Application review

The City of Vincent will review your application.

After review, we will send you an email detailing what requirements are needed for your event.

We might also request a meeting with you to discuss these requirements or to provide assistance.

Provide completed documentation

Ensure a smooth process by submitting all the required documentation as outlined in Step 4.

Conditional Approval

Once we review the documentation, you will receive a 'Conditional Approval' letter from the City of Vincent, confirming the approval status for your event.

Event requirements

Once the City of Vincent has reviewed your Event Application, we will provide you with a specific list of requirements that suit your event. We may ask for some of the below depending on what your event entails.

Planning Approval

If your event is held for more than 48 hours, you may require Planning Approval.

Road Closure Application and Traffic Management Plan

If your event requires a road closure, this application is to be completed and signed by the City of Vincent and local Police Station. A Traffic Management Plan will need to be developed by a Main Roads Accredited Traffic Management company.

Temporary Public Building

If you’re enclosing any public space with fencing, it is considered a “temporary public building” and the City of Vincent of Vincent requires this form, along with a site plan. The City of Vincent will then provide a maximum accommodation number for the space.

Temporary Public Building - Application to Construct, Extend or Alter

Temporary Structures

Temporary structures include:

  • tents, marquees or booths;
  • seating stands;
  • stages or platforms;
  • prefabricated buildings; and
  • any other structure that is not permanent. 

There are a number of things to be considered before erecting a temporary structure. 

What approvals do I need?

Health Approval

Temporary structures over 9m2 that can be accessed by the general public, with or without tickets, will be required to obtain health approval from the City's Environmental Health Services. The structures would need a structural engineer and/or the installer to sign off that the structures have been installed correctly and fit for use.

For more information, please contact Environmental Health Services on 9273 6000.

Building Approval

Temporary structures that are for back-of-house use only by vendors, sponsors, volunteers, staff and catering may not require health approval. They also do not require building approval as the requirements of the Building Act 2011 do not apply.

However, to protect public interest, the City of Vincent requests the following information to be submitted:

  1. Pre-Design Certification - A Compliance Report, all relevant drawings and consultant design certificates (i.e. structural, electrical drawings, etc).
  2. Post Construction Certification - A Completion/Compliance Report, as-constructed drawings, and consultant completion certificates (i.e. structural engineering, electrical, etc).

You will need to engage a private Building Surveying Contractor to provide certification of the requested information in accordance with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Temporary Structures Standards 2015.

There is a Building Surveying Contractor and Practitioners Register on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

For more information, please contact Building Services on 9273 6000.

Temporary Electrical Installations

Any temporary electrics (e.g., generators) will need to be certified by an electrician on the day of your event when they are installed.

Form 5 - Certificate of Electrical Compliance

Noise Regulations 13, 16 and 18

Our Health Team will help determine which noise regulation best fits your event.

  • Regulation 13: For bump in and bump out activities that happen outside 7am – 7pm Monday to Saturday, you will require a noise exemption.
  • Regulation 16: For larger scale community events. A more detailed noise plan will need to be developed.
  • Regulation 18: For large concerts/event. This requires more complex noise modelling and applications are to be submitted no less than 60 days prior to the event.

Noise Management Plan Approval application - Regulation 13

Noise Management Plan

You will be required to develop a noise management plan for your event to identify ways to reduce the impact on the community. Once a noise regulation has been determined, the City of Vincent will advise what level of detail we need.

Risk Management Plan or Risk Register

Events with more than 1000 people attending will require a comprehensive Risk Management Plan in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000. Events with less than 1000 people attending will require a Risk Resister which we can provide a template for.

Site Plan

You will need to submit a site plan for your event to the City of Vincent. The site plan should include, at the least, the following information:

  • Location of all temporary structures (i.e. marquees, transportable units, stages, platforms).
  • Dimension of all temporary structures (i.e. floor area, height, width and length).   
  • Location of all portable toilets.  

Food Stallholder / Van Permit

Anyone selling food will be required to submit this application. This applies for any food and beverage being sold. Each vendor (apart from charity sausage sizzles and cake sales) must hold current registration under the Food Act 2008.

Food Stallholder/Van Permit Application

Liquor License

If your event provides or sells alcohol, you will need to contact the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor (DRGL) for approval. If DRGL requests approval from the City of Vincent, we will ask you for this application.

Liquor Licence Permit and Gaming Application

Section 40 Application

Amusement Rides

The supplier/installer of any amusement rides will be required to provide you with their plant registration from Worksafe, logbook of maintenance and public liability insurance.

First Aid Post

Depending on the size of your event, you will be required to provide a first aider or first aid post as per the Department of Health Guidelines.


Toilets will need to be provided in line with the Department of Health Guidelines.

Public Liability Insurance

We will request a copy of your public liability insurance.

Other considerations

Waiver of Fees

If you’re a not-for-profit hosting a free community event, you may be eligible to have some fees waived.

Waiving of Fees » City of Vincent

Business and Local Town Team Engagement

If your event is within a town centre, we may request you work with the local businesses and town team to create an event that benefits the community.

Town Centres » City of Vincent


If your event is a free community event, the City of Vincent may be able to help share your event on your Facebook and website.

Contact Us » City of Vincent


The City of Vincent may be able to provide general waste and recycling bins at a cost for your event.

Contact Us » City of Vincent

More information

If you need further information, contact the City of Vincent Business Support on (08) 9273 6000 or