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We know how much everyone in Vincent loves a good get-together, and the events and festivals hosted in our fair City are undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable parts of living in our beautiful community. Not only can they help build positive local identity, events and festivals spread that strong community vibe by having a direct impact on the City, and also help put the spotlight on local businesses. 

Hold an event in Vincent 

Interested in putting on a shindig in the City of Vincent? Never fear, your trusty info pack is here!
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Festival and Event Sponsorship Special Round - December 2020 - June 2021 

Given Western Australia has reached Phase 4 of the COVID Roadmap, the City has begun the recovery phase and sees events as an essential part of the rebound in recreating vibrant and engaging spaces – so get creative!
Find out more, and apply here! 

Festival and Event Sponsorship - 2021 / 2022


Event Timeframes

We love supporting local events and are here to help when it comes to new and emerging requirements around COVID-19.

COVID Event Plans and COVID Safety Plans as detailed below, are necessary in ‘current times’. This new information we are asking of you helps to provide the City and your event attendees a level of confidence that the event is proceeding in a COVID-safe manner and with public health as the top priority.

This does adjust the lead in time the City needs to process your event application. As such, we encourage you to get in contact with us at your earliest opportunity and ‘get the ball rolling’.

Please find below a guide for submission timeframes:   

6 weeks before event - Step 1: Complete the Event Application and send to the City

5 weeks before event - Step 2: The City reviews the Event Application, and provides you with detailed information that is required

4 weeks before event - Step 3: The applicant submits Event and COVID applications (if your event is over 500 please allow a minimum of 5 weeks here)

1 week before event - Step 4: The City does the final review and where appropriate, approvals issued.

Please be aware the City is seeing an ever-growing appetite for events in the new year and we would love for these to happen, however if the necessary information is not provided to the City within reasonable timeframes as outlined above the event may be unable to proceed.

COVID Safety Plans - Events under 500 attendees 

A COVID Safety Plan must be submitted no less than 3 weeks prior any event under 500 people. 

Click here for guidance and a template for a COVID safety plan. Detail in this plan needs to be proportional to the scale and risk of the event.

COVID Event Plans - Events over 500 attendees 

COVID Event Plan must be submitted no less than 5 weeks prior any event with more than 500 people. 

Click here for guidance and a template for a COVID event plan

As at 25 September 2020, any private or public ‘Event’ of more than 500 persons became a ‘prohibited gathering’ under the ‘Closure and Restrictions (Limit the Spread) Directions (No. 7)’ unless certain requirements are met.

COVID Event Plans help event organisers reduce the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission during their event, in line with the best available health advice at the time. Approval of a COVID Event Plan also provides confidence that the event will proceed in manner that prioritises public health.

For Low and Medium COVID Risk events:

  • The City is authorised to review and approve low and medium risk COVID Event Plans. You must submit this plan to the City no less than 4 weeks prior to the Event.

 For High Risk events:

  • The State Department of Health must review and approve high risk COVID Event Plans. The Department require the Plan no less than 3 weeks before the event, however it is highly recommended you refer your draft plan to the Department no less than 5 weeks prior to the event to ensure adequate assessment time.

If you are unsure what the risk of your event may be, please contact the City's Health Services Team on 9273 6000. 

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