Events & Festivals

We know how much everyone in Vincent loves a good get-together, and the events and festivals hosted in our City are undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable parts of living in our beautiful community.

Not only can they help build positive local identity, events and festivals spread that strong community vibe by having a direct impact on the City, and also help put the spotlight on local businesses. 

Festival and Event Sponsorship 2022-2023


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Applications are open for Festival and Event Sponsorship up to $5,000 until funding is exhausted.

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Event Application 

Know you need to complete an Event Application? Complete the Fillable PDF or Online Form. 

Note: if your event is held within a City of Vincent Hall, you don't need an event application. Check the FAQ's below for more details. 

Event FAQs

What is an Event?

An event is a gathering of people brought together for a common purpose by some prearrangement. Events are generally public gatherings held in a public space with activities that may require approval such as entertainment, food and drinks, stalls, alcohol and amusement rides.

Do I need to complete an Event Application Form? 

If your event has any of the following, we ask that you complete the Event Application (Fillable PDF, or Online Form) to streamline the approvals process

  • A public event being held in a public place on City land
  • Your event has any of the following
    • Food and/or alcohol
    • Music or entertainment
    • Stalls
    • Amusement rides
    • Structures being installed

  If you’re unsure, it’s always best to complete the application and we will let you know if no further approvals or permits are required.

How do I book a Park or Facility for my Event?

All our Facilities are available for hire through Space to Co

What is the process for holding an Event in Vincent? 

  • Ensure the facility you wish to host your event at is available (check here)
  • Complete the Event Application Form (Fillable PDF, or Online Form)
  • We will review your application and provide you a bespoke list of permits and approvals you may require for your event
  • We may set up a meeting with you to discuss and assist with your event requirements
  • You provide the City with all the information for review (such as COVID event plans, risk registers and temporary food permits)
  • The City review all documentation and provide an event approval
  • You hold your event!

What are the timeframes for planning my Event? 

We love supporting local events and are here to help when it comes to new and emerging requirements around COVID-19.

Please find below a guide for submission timeframes:   

6 weeks before event - Step 1: Complete the Event Application and send to the City

5 weeks before event - Step 2: The City reviews the Event Application, and provides you with detailed information that is required

4 weeks before event - Step 3: The applicant submits Event and COVID applications 

1 week before event - Step 4: The City does the final review and where appropriate, approvals issued.

Please be aware the City is seeing an ever-growing appetite for events in the new year and we would love for these to happen, however if the necessary information is not provided to the City within reasonable timeframes as outlined above the event may be unable to proceed.

COVID Event Plans

The regulatory environment surrounding COVID-19 is subject to change at any time, dependant on the latest health advice from the WA Government.

You must ensure your event complies with all relevant directions and advice from the WA Government at the time of the event. You should refer to the following websites for the most up to date information:

What's on in Vincent? 

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I would like more information. 

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