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We didn’t really think you guys were into exciting events and festivals in the City of Vincent, so we thought we’d replace this page with some info about rubbish collection. Kidding!

We know how much everyone in Vincent loves a good get-together, and the events and festivals hosted in our fair City are undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable parts of living in our beautiful community. Not only can they help build positive local identity, events and festivals spread that strong community vibe by having a direct impact on the City, and also help put the spotlight on local businesses. Plus, residents from other areas are so totally envious of our fun. Wouldn’t you be?

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City of Vincent Major Festivals 2018/19

Stay tuned, we will have more information for you soon...

City of Vincent Match 

19 April 2019, Leederville Town Centre.

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Mt Hawthorn Streets and Lanes Festival 

5 May 2019, Mt Hawthorn Town Centre.

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Revelation Perth International Film Festival 

4 - 17 July 2019, Luna Cinema Leederville 

More Info:

For more information, please contact the Marketing and Communications Team on 9273 6000 or email