Information for Real Estate Agents to Support Small Business

Real estate agents often request information from City of Vincent to help them carry out their day to day activities and to support small business planning on opening a business in Vincent.

The following information may assist agents to access the key information Vincent has available.

How do I find out the zoning of a property?

  • Visit the following link:
  • Click on the ‘IntraMaps’ icon which will open the City of Vincent’s online mapping software.
  • Click in the ‘Address Search’ tab at the bottom left of the page and type in the address of the property.
  • Click on the ‘Local Planning Scheme No. 2’ tab in the top left.
  • Look to the list on the right of the page for the headings ‘Built Form Area’ and ‘LPSP Zone’. This will tell you what the property zoning is and what the applicable built form area is to assist you in your investigations.

When is development (planning) approval not required for a change of use?

The permissibility of different land uses in each zone of land in the City of Vincent is set out under City of Vincent Local Planning Scheme No.2  (Scheme) Zoning Table (refer to Table 1). The four types of permissibility or symbols used in the table have the following meanings:

  • P: the use is permitted;
  • D: the use is not permitted unless the City of Vincent has exercised its discretion by granting development approval;
  • A: the use is not permitted unless the City of Vincent has exercised its discretion by granting development approval after completing community consultation;
  • X: the use is not permitted.

Once you have established the zoning of the property and proposed land use, use Table 1 to cross reference what symbol the proposed land use would be. If you are unsure what the proposed land use is, you can check the land use definition in the Scheme or contact the City of Vincent Planning team (see contact information below).

If the land use is classified as ‘P’ (permitted) then planning approval is not required. If the land use is classified as ‘D’ or ‘A’ then a planning application may be required to be lodged with Vincent’s Planning team to change the use of the premises. Land uses that are not listed in Table 1 will always require planning approval, with proposals considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know if a property is heritage listed?

A full list of State and Municipal heritage listed properties can be found on our Heritage Places page.

Where can I find information about my community’s profile?

As part of the City of Vincent’s ongoing commitment to better understand and provide more targeted services to our community, Vincent has subscribed to a suite of online tools which provide tailored demographic information based on the latest Census data and other informing data streams.

Please use the below links to access the City’s suite of .id tools to help you get to know Vincent better:

When is building approval needed?

Internal fit-out work or additions and alterations to both new and existing commercial buildings would require an Application for a Building Permit – Certified (BA1) to be submitted to the City of Vincent to obtain a building permit for the proposed work. It is a common misconception by designers and other building professionals that if the works are not structural in nature, a building permit is not needed. This is incorrect.

Some of the reasons why a building permit is necessary include:

  • Partitions can affect the path of egress to an exit by occupants during an evacuation in a fire emergency.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems for food premises have to comply with the requirements of relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  • Fire protection systems including exit signs and emergency lighting have to meet the requirements of relevant Australian Standards and the BCA.
  • Layout of the premises may affect access to and within the building by a person with a disability. Most buildings are required by law to provide access for people with disabilities.
  • Premises that are required to provide universal accessible toilets for people with disabilities must ensure the toilets satisfy the requirements of the BCA and Australian Standard AS 1428.1.

Under the Building Act 2011 (‘the Act’), most building work must have a building permit in effect before any work can be commenced. It is an offence under the Act to do building work without a building permit, and the work is deemed unauthorised. The City can take enforcement action, which may include prosecution in the Magistrate’s Court.

What is an Occupancy Permit and when is that required?

When there is a change of use, for example from an office to a restaurant, there is a need to apply for an Occupancy Permit from the City of Vincent before the building can be occupied and used. This is because under the Building Act 2011 and BCA, the change of use can sometimes lead to a change in the building classification. When that happens, the building may need to be upgraded to meet current building standards. For example, the proposed change of use might trigger the need to upgrade existing toilet facilities and/or install an accessible ramp to provide access for a person with a disability or to upgrade existing fire safety systems.

An owner or occupier of a building cannot occupy or use the building unless there is an Occupancy Permit in effect for the building. It is an offence under the Building Act 2011 to occupy or use a building without a valid Occupancy Permit and a fine of $50,000 could be imposed.

Where can I find more information on building approvals?

Please visit the following link:

Alternatively, please contact the Building Services team on 9273 6000.

Previous building approvals on a property

A permit authority must keep a register of all building permits, demolition permits, occupancy permits and building approval certificates granted by it, and all building orders made by it, according to the Building Act 2011, s128. The register is required by s129 of that Act to be made available for public inspection.

Please visit the following link to access the register:

Previous development (planning) approvals on a property

To receive copies of previous development (planning) approvals on a property, an application needs to be submitted to Vincent at . The form is available here and requires the signature of the current landowner and fee payment of a fee.

Need further help?

City of Vincent:

You can contact the City in a number of ways:

  • Email and provide the address of the property you are enquiring about
  • Phone 9273 6000 Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5.00pm
  • Visit the Administration counter at 244 Vincent Street (corner of Loftus Street), Leederville between 8.30am – 5.00pm.
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