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The City of Vincent has a procedure in place when a customer requests a search for approved plans for a specific property. This type of request is known as an Archive Search Request. An archive search can be requested by the owner using the archive search form .

Archive Search Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Archive Searches are available and what will it cost? 

The types of Archive Search requests and associated costs as at 1 July 2023 are as follows:

  • City of Vincent Search Only (1993 to current) - $75 Fee
  • City of Vincent, City of Stirling and City of Perth combined search - $110 Fee
  • Commercial/Mixed Use Development $140 Fee

What will an Archive Search provide? 

An Archive Search may produce information relating to various approved and issued Licences (Building Licences, Demolition Licences and Sign Licences) as well as Strata Certificates.

What won’t an Archive Search find? 

  • any Building Refusals, Cancelled or Withdrawn Licences
  • any Planning Approvals, Refusals and associated information
  • subdivision/Strata WAPC Approvals, Refusals and associated information

When was the City of Vincent created? 

The City of Perth split into four (4) Councils on 1 July 1994, one of which is the City of Vincent.  As such, the City of Vincent holds any Building Approvals from 1 July 1994 onwards with some 1993 files (but not all). 

When did City of Vincent take over certain areas of City of Perth? 

As stated above, the City originally separated from City of Perth in 1994 and took a portion of City of Perth at that time. Again on 1 July 2007, the City obtained a further portion of land from the City of Perth. 

Who holds old (ex) City of Perth Approvals? 

The City of Perth has an independent contractor who stores all the building archival records related to properties that were previously under City of Perth’s jurisdiction but now fall under the City of Vincent’s jurisdiction.  Although the contractor holds the plans in archive, City of Perth are considered the custodians of any documents received and/or issued by them.  You are able to obtain plans under City of Perth jurisdiction that now fall under the City of Vincent using the Archive Search Request form located on this site.

When did City of Vincent receive certain areas of City of Stirling? 

As at 1 July 2007, the City obtained a small area of the City of Stirling.  The City of Stirling has passed all the relevant approved Planning and Building archival records to the City of Vincent.

How do I obtain archive documentation? 

If you wish to conduct a Building Archive Search you will need to lodge an Archive Search Request through and pay the relevant fee to the City of Vincent.

Do I need the Owner(s) Consent before I can request an Archive Search? 

Yes. If you are not the current Owner of the land and wish to conduct an Archive Search, then you are required to obtain the Owner's consent/authorisation in writing.

What are acceptable forms of Consent? 

  1. Completion of the ‘Authorisation Form’ on the reverse of the Archive Search Request form or
  2. Letter from the current Owner authorising a specific person to ‘view and obtain copies of the approved building plans relevant to the subject property’ or
  3. If a Power of Attorney is in place, then a copy of the full Power of Attorney document will be required or
  4. Copy of Strata/Body Corporate Meeting authorising the Strata Manager to do an Archive Search to ‘view and obtain copies of the approved building plans relevant to the subject property’ or
  5. If Settlement has recently effected and the City of Vincent’s records do not reflect this (i.e. the City is unaware of a change of ownership), then a copy of the letter from the Settlement Agent is required. This letter is to confirm that Settlement has effected on a specified date and state the names of the new Owners of the land.

How long is the Archive Search process? 

The Archive Search process takes approximately 15 working days to complete.

Will all the information be located?  If not, will my money be refunded? 

Please note that on some occasions the City has not been able to locate any records or information that a Customer has requested for the relevant property. Should this happen, please be advised that the Archive Search fee is non-refundable.  A disclaimer to this effect is noted on the Archive Search Request form.

Once searched, how do I obtain copies of the archive information? 

  • Once the City has located/received the associated Archive documentation, the Records Officer - Archive Searches will contact the applicant (via telephone or e-mail) and advise them accordingly.
  • It is the City’s preferred method of providing the information via a secure Microsoft SharePoint link.
  • If required, the City can provide the customer with hard copies. Photocopying charges will apply.

What costs are involved for Photocopying? 

The charges will vary depending upon the size of the documentation. For example; A4, A3 will cost less than the larger A0 plans etc. The archival records cannot be removed from the City of Vincent, as they are the property of the City of Perth and/or City of Vincent.

Please see our fees and charges.

How long is the Archive information held at the City of Vincent?

  • The City will hold the Archive Search records for a maximum of four (4) weeks from notification to the Customer, upon request by the customer.
  • Once the Customer has been supplied the archival records, the documentation will be returned to archiving, unless you have specifically requested for them to be held for a further time frame.
  • If the archival records are not viewed within that four (4) week period, the documentation will be returned to Archiving.

Can I request the Archive documentation to be held for a certain timeframe? 

  • If you request the Archives to be held, they will be held for a maximum of four (4) weeks from the date you request it.  After which point they will then be returned to archiving.
  • If you do not request for the archival records to be held, they will be returned to archiving as soon as they have been received/viewed and you will incur costs to retrieve the Archives again.

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