City of Vincent Health Local Law 2004, Division 4

An occupier of any premises shall not keep or permit to keep poultry and pigeons on the premises owned or occupied by them, except under compliance with the following conditions.

  1. The owner or occupier of any premises in the district shall not keep on the premises any poultry or pigeons within the Prohibited Area. The Prohibited Area includes -
    1. that portion of the district bounded -
      1. to the east by Richmond Street to Loftus Street, Loftus Street to Vincent Street as far as Beaufort Street, Beaufort Street to Walcott Street and Walcott Street to the railway;
      2. to the east by the railway to Summers Street, and then to Lord Street;
      3. to the south by Lord Street, to Parry Street, Parry Street to Lindsay Street, Lindsay Street to Newcastle Street, Newcastle Street to Loftus Street and Loftus Street to the Mitchell Freeway (See attached Map); and
    2. all land classified/zoned for commercial and retail use as defined in the District City Planning Scheme.
  2. A person who keeps poultry or permits poultry to be kept shall ensure that –
      1. No poultry is able to approach within 15 meters of a dwelling house, public building, or premises where people are employed or where food is stored, prepared or manufactured or sold.
  3. Poultry and pigeons shall be kept overnight in a properly constructed and securely fastened enclosure. The enclosure (chicken coop) is to have a smooth concrete floor at least 50mm thick so that it can be adequately cleaned.
  4. The associated run area should be fenced to prevent poultry coming within 15 metres of any dwelling or 18 metres of any street. A free range area of 30 square metres is recommended.
  5. All enclosures within which poultry are kept shall be maintained at all times in a clean condition. At the direction of an Environmental Health Officer you must adequately clean or re-position an enclosure that does not meet adequate hygiene or structural requirements.
  6. A combined total of not more than 12 poultry and pigeons may be kept outside the prohibited area.
  7. No roosters are permitted to be kept on any premises. The requirements of these Local Laws are intended to maintain and promote the health amenity and social well being within the City of Vincent, and your cooperation will be appreciated.

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