40km/h speed zone expansion


Reducing speed limits to 40km/h is a key objective of Vincent’s Accessible City Strategy, which was adopted in May 2021.

Community consultations by City of Vincent demonstrated significant support for the reduction of the speed limits, with almost 60 per cent of respondents showing they were in favour of the change.

Early in 2023, Main Roads WA (MRWA) approved a permanent 40km/h speed limit in parts of North Perth and an existing trial area, which equated to 40 per cent of Vincent’s local roads. Vincent then pushed ahead with its proposal to drop the speed limit on the remaining 60 per cent of its local roads.

Why we needed help

We required approval from MRWA to expand the 40km/h zone to the whole City.


MRWA has now given approval for the speed to be permanently reduced on all local access roads within the City of Vincent. The 40km/h speed limits will apply to local access roads only. Distributor roads and main corridors will not be affected. 

Main Roads will commence implementation of the 40km/h speed limits before the end of 2023 and expects to complete this work by mid-2024.

The speed limit on each local access road will officially become 40km/h once the regulatory speed limit signs are in place.

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