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Caddy Information 

What is a kitchen Caddy?

As part of the roll out we supplied households with a kitchen caddy along with a roll of certified compostable caddy liners.

The caddy can be used to collect food scraps in the kitchen, such as, food leftovers/scraps including bones, out of date food (unpackaged), tea leaves and coffee grounds, used paper towel, napkins and tissues.

The liners can be placed inside your caddy to provide a barrier between the caddy and food waste. Newspaper or no liner can also be used. Every 3-4 days the caddy liner can be tied off and placed into your FOGO bin.

Make sure you only use compostable bin liners in this caddy, not plastic bags.

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If you choose to purchase additional liners please ensure they are certified compostable and display this symbol:

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