Services Provided by the City

The City of Vincent is committed to creating active and thriving communities, cutting red tape and making the City a great place for businesses to operate. Listed below are just some of the initiatives put in place to achieve these goals.

Small Business Friendly Local Governments:

The City of Vincent is one of the local governments taking park in the Small Business Friendly Local Governments Initiative which has been introduced by the Small Business Development Corporation and recognises local governments within Western Australia that are committed to actively supporting small businesses in their local area.

As part of this initiative, the City of Vincent will be working to support and work with small businesses within the City by:

  • Offering enhanced customer service;
  • Reducing red tape;
  • Making on-time payments;
  • Having a process in place to handle disputes; and
  • Introducing other activities to improve the operating environment for small businesses in their area.

Small Business Friendly Local Governments

Place Plans:

The City of Vincent Town Centre Place Plans have been developed as a set of ‘place based’ strategic documents to guide the direction of funding and resources committed to each of the City’s town centres. The Place Plans list the implementation schedule for all of the major initiatives being undertaken and these initiatives are determined in collaboration with each Town Team and their strategic Action Plans for each town centre.

Town centre place plans

Fast Tracked Online Permits – Outdoor Eating Areas, Goods Display and Portable Signage

The City is focussed on cutting red tape for local businesses and encouraging businesses to utilise public space to expand their business and activate the public realm. To make this easier for businesses, the City introduced the online permit system to provide local businesses with free and instant permits to set up their outdoor eating areas, display goods on the footpath and put out portable signage.

Online permits

Economic Development Strategy:

The City is committed to promoting Vincent as a location of choice for businesses, residents and visitors through the effective use of Council resources to foster economic progress. The City’s Economic Development Strategy 2011-2016 was prepared with the objective to “identify and articulate the City of Vincent’s purpose, role, strategic direction, resource allocation and management practices in respect to fostering economic development in the City.”

Economic development strategy 2011-2016

Corporate Business Plan:

The City’s Corporate Business Plan is the City’s contract with the community to deliver on the objectives of the City’s longer term Strategic Community Plan, by identifying priority actions that the City will be pursuing over the next four years. These actions are intended to continue making the City of Vincent an amazing place where businesses thrive, people want to live and people want to visit.

Corporate business plan 2018-2019

Future Planning Projects:

Take a look at some of the key projects being undertaken by the City of Vincent.

Future planning projects