Freedom of Information

Access to public information held by the City does not require lodgement of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.  There are also many public documents available on this website such as:

  • Agenda and Minutes of Meetings
  • Local Laws
  • Town Planning Scheme
  • Strategic Plan

Other public documents may include:

  • Development Applications where a consent form has been provided.

Before lodging a Freedom of Information request, contact the City’s Freedom of Information Co-ordinator on 9273 6562 and ask about the specific information you wish to access.  You may well find that you don’t need a FOI request.

In a situation where a FOI request is required, it should be lodged in writing with enough details to enable the requested documents to be identified.  An address in Australia, and where possible a contact telephone number and e-mail address, should be provided.

There is an application fee of $30 and charges for dealing with the application.  However, no fee applies to requests for your own personal information.

Applications take a response time of 45 days, but this time period may be negotiated.

For your information, the Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 gives people a right to access documents of an agency, subject to the sensitivity of the document and the exemptions applied pursuant to the Act.  The Act is designed to make State and local government more open and accountable to the public by creating a general right of access.

Exemptions for some documents include protection of essential public interest, personal information, commercial or business information, law enforcement, public safety and property security, confidential communications, deliberative processes, legal professional privilege and so on.

If you have to lodge a FOI request, it should be addressed to:

City of Vincent

Whadjuk Country

PO Box 82


or e-mail:

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