If you see someone polluting our environment or waterways, contact the Department of Environment Regulation's Pollution Watch line on 1300 784 782. 

The City's Environmental Health Officers can provide advice and complaint resolution services relating to noise, air and water pollution. Environmental Health Officers work in collaboration with pollution inspectors from the Department of Environment Regulation on these matters. For further advice contact the City's Health Services or the Department of Environment Regulation on 6467 5000.

Burning Off

Burning of leaf litter, rubbish or refuse on the ground or in an incinerator is not permitted within Vincent, unless prior approval has been granted by the Manager Health Services (this is extremely rare).  Furthermore, fire bans exist in the summer months and are regulated by the City's Ranger Services.

Smoky Chimneys

Smoke from chimneys can interfere with both amenity and health conditions such as asthma. If you own a wood heater, please ensure it operates properly and is maintained regularly. Ensure you only burn dry, seasoned firewood.


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More Information

Contact Health Services on 9273 6533 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.

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