Terms and Conditions apply. Please read prior to completing this form.

A work zone established by the City of Vincent is provided to service a construction site for the purpose of loading and unloading material.

This application form must be completed a minimum of 14 business days prior to the start date.

All fees must be paid and all signage must be installed by the City before the work zone becomes operational.

Applicants details

Work zone details

Application requirements

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The fees are calculated as follows by the Engineering Dept. as per the City's Fees and Charges Schedule:-

  1. An establishment cost will be determined. The cost will include alterations to infrastructure such as parking signage, associated road marking, street furniture etc. The City will then issue a work zone permit quote for payment.
  2. An erection of signage cost will be determined based off number of signs required.
  3. A rental of parking bays cost will be determined dependant on number required.

The City will provide a work zone permit quote prior to any payment being received.

I have read and understood the conditions associated to this permit*

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The conditions which usually apply to the provision of a work zone are as follows:-

a) vehicles only engaged in the loading/unloading of building materials will be permitted to utilise the work zone;

b) such vehicles will be permitted to occupy the work zone for such time as is sufficient to effect such operations;

c) the City of Vincent Ranger Services will only issue infringement notices to vehicles parked within the work zone
that have not received prior permission from the Applicant and/or Company.

I. this information must be ascertained prior to calling the City of Vincent Ranger Services.
II. the Applicant and/or Company will be required to complete the necessary Witness Complaint form in the presence of the Ranger.
III. no action will be taken if the offending vehicle/s is/are not given the opportunity to leave the premises within a reasonable time and/or are obstructed from leaving the premises in any way.
IV. no action will be taken if the attending Officer deems it unnecessary.
V. should the Applicant and/or Company request an Infringement Notice to be withdrawn, they must;

a. request in writing to the City of Vincent to withdraw the Notice and the letter must be signed by the
Applicant and/or Company;
b. submit an administration fee of $50.00 (per notice) which must accompany the correspondence;
c. any request to withdraw a Notice must comply with the above and be received by the City of Vincent within seven days of the issuing date of the Notice; and
d. any request received after the said time may not be cancelled.

VI. Should an infringement notice result in action being taken to the Magistrates Court for the recovery of the penalty, the complainant (who signed the Witness complaint form) agrees to attend Court as a witness

d) the approved work zone does not permit the placing of waste disposal bins or storage of other material on the carriageway;

e) non- compliance with any of the above conditions may result in the cancellation of the authorised work zone
and the imposition of other penalties.

f) the City is to be advised when the work zone is no longer required.

g) the construction work zone will not be valid until the required signage has been erected at the start and at the end of the parking bays area to be used, immediately adjacent to the building site;

h) the construction work zone signs shall be in accordance with Part 11 of AS 1742- Parking Controls as follows; and 'Work Zone' signs are to be placed at the start of the parking bays immediately adjacent to the construction site - signs to be in accordance with requirements of AS1742, Part 11 - i.e. minimum of 250mm wide by a minimum of 450mm deep.

Work zone signage

i) the applicant shall:

(i) pay the Fee prescribed in the Council's Annual Budget; and
(ii) pay for installation of any approved 'Work Zone' signage, prior to the commencement of the work zone

• City of Vincent Parking & Parking Facilities Local Law

• Australian Standard AS 1742 - Manual of Uniform Traffic Control

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