Environmentally Sustainable Design

Environmentally sustainable design (ESD) is about constructing energy and resource efficient buildings, with minimal impact on the environment. We want to help lead the transformation in how we live and use our resources in the future. If you are planning to build or develop in Vincent the following resources will assist.

The City’s Built Form Policy is applicable to all development within the City of Vincent and includes standards for ESD.

Built Form - Policy 7.1.1.

To assist you in addressing the ESD standards of the Built Form Policy, we’ve prepared the following information sheets and templates depending on the type of development you’re proposing.


For alterations and additions to existing dwellings, mixed use or commercial buildings, these ESD standards don’t apply. However, we still encourage you to incorporate good ESD practices in these types of development, and the above information sheets will be able to assist you in doing this.

For further information please contact the City's Duty Planning Officer on 9273 6000 or email mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.