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Environmentally Sustainable Design

We want to help lead the transformation in how we live and use our resources in the future. If you are planning to build or develop, Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) will help you construct an energy and resource efficient building, with minimal impact on the environment.

What is Environmental Sustainable Design?

Environmental Sustainable Design principles aim to improve the health and comfort of buildings for occupants whilst at the same time reducing negative impacts on the environment.

ESD principles include:

  • Locating indoor and outdoor living and entertainment areas to the north; this orientation maximises access to winter sun and, with eaves, minimises summer sun.
  • Renewable energy generation.
  • Using water and energy efficient appliances.
  • Placing windows and doors on opposite sides of the room to create good natural cross-ventilation.
  • Installing a light coloured roof to reflect heat.

The City’s Built Form Policy is applicable to all development within the City of Vincent and includes standards for ESD.

The video series introduces the key concepts of ESD and the benefits of better design.

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ESD is most cost effective to achieve when its principles are applied from the very beginning of a project.

Major environmental performance benefits flow from considered orientation, layout and choice of construction materials. Getting these right at the beginning of the design phase will save time and money during construction as fewer expensive add-ons will be required to achieve performance targets.

Our Green Design Advisors can help you at the beginning of your project to help you reduce your carbon footprint. 


Please complete the form below to request a consultation. We encourage you to send any concept plans to assist in a productive conversation. 

We require a minimum 7 days notice so our Green Design Advisors can complete a preliminary review of your property and any concept plans. 

We will contact you confirm your booking within 2 business days of receiving your request.

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Our Green Design Advisors are from the City's Design Review Panel and can provide free, independent, expert advice on how to make your new home design or renovation more environmentally friendly.

They can come to your home, your building site or your designer’s office. You can also visit them at the City’s Offices at 244 Vincent Street, Leederville.

 Advice is available for homeowners, home designers, builders and industry professionals. 


Our Green Design Advisors are advocates for creating healthier buildings, improving energy, water and material use, minimising waste, and reducing the environmental impact of buildings.

They will help you:

  • design a warm, dry, healthy and efficient home.
  • reduce your environmental impact.
  • save money on energy bills.
  • increase your home's resale value.
  • understand your options and how to ask for what you want.

To find out more, call 9273 6000 or email


GreenTrack your development application

Our GreenTrack service offers free access to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reports and prioritises the assessment of Single House and Grouped Dwelling development applications where a LCA has been submitted and Environmentally Sustainable Design principles have been incorporated into your design.


All new Single Houses and Grouped Dwelling development, including for alterations and additions, can use the GreenTrack priority assessment service regardless of value. To be eligible, applications must be submitted with a LCA report.

 The following types of development are excluded from using the GreenTrack priority assessment process:

  • Development Assessment Panel applications 
  • Change of Use and Commercial applications (please note that the City offers a separate fast-track process for all Small Business applications)
  • Proposals for Multiple Dwellings (apartments) 


A LCA measures the environmental performance of a building over its lifetime, to understand how the design contributes towards reduced environmental impacts. 

Using a LCA is one of the easiest and simplest ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. They can help you:

  • design a warm, dry, healthy and efficient home.
  • reduce your environmental impact.
  • save money on energy bills.
  • increase your home's resale value.

For an LCA to be acceptable to the City it must demonstrate compliance with the ESD Local Housing Objectives of the City’s Built Form Policy and by any person with the skills to apply LCA methodologies.

The LCA report must include the following:

  • The lifetime savings for global warming potential and net fresh water use that the development is able to achieve;
  • Description of the preferred strategies for achieving these targets (e.g. solar PV, solar hot water etc.);
  • Quantification of the global warming and water impacts of the preferred strategies; and
  • List of reserve strategies that will be employed to achieve the performance targets should any preferred strategies become unfeasible as the design is finalised.

LCA Reports must be accompanied by a signed statement from the Applicant confirming the Applicant’s commitment to retain sufficient sustainability strategies and features to the working drawing stage to ensure that the final design can achieve the global warming and water use benchmarks set out in the City’s Built Form Policy. 

A list LCA assessors can be found in our Information Sheet here or you can contact the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS).


The City offers access to free LCA for Single House and Grouped Dwelling proposals. 

To receive a free LCA all you need to do is:

  1. Before lodging your development application, obtain a LCA that has been prepared in accordance with standards specified in the City’s Built Form Policy. The easiest way to do this is to use Cerclos's RapidLCA for $60.00.
  2. Lodge your development application with your LCA and copy of your proof of purchase for receiving your LCA.
  3. We will reduce your development application fee by amount it cost you to receive your LCA (up to a maximum of $200).


We encourage you to hold a pre-lodgement meeting with our Urban Planners before your lodging an application for development approval.

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for our GreenTrack priority assessment, please:

  1. Ensure you have all information needed for submission in accordance with our Single House and Grouped Dwelling Application Checklist
  2. Tick the “GreenTrack Priority Assessment” box on the Application for Development Approval Form
  3. Include your eligible Life Cycle Assessment obtained from a suitably qualified assessor, to the satisfaction of the City. 
  4. Include proof of payment of your Life Cycle Assessment. This will allow the City to reduce your development application fee to subsidise the amount you spent to obtain your Life Cycle Assessment, to a maximum of $200.00.
  5. Lodge your application for development approval here.
  6. Pay your development application fee at a discounted rate (ordinary fee of your application minus the cost of your LCA).


In considering eligible GreenTrack assessments, we will prioritise your assessment by:

  1. Prioritising first assessment of your application, within 10 days of a complete application being submitted;
  2. Prioritising assessment of amended plans and/or additional information submitted following a Request for Further Information, within 5 days of submission.

Please note that using this service does not result in any preferential determination of a development and all proposals will require a merit assessment against the relevant planning framework.

This service does not preclude the proposal from being processed in accordance with relevant statutory requirements.


Sheets & templates

To assist you in addressing the ESD standards of the Built Form Policy, we’ve prepared the following information sheets and templates depending on the type of development you’re proposing.

For alterations and additions to existing dwellings, mixed use or commercial buildings, these ESD standards don’t apply. However, we still encourage you to incorporate good ESD practices in these types of development, and the above information sheets will be able to assist you in doing this.

ESD video series

Part 1 - Setting the scene.

Setting the scene includes some less than favourable outcomes in suburban settings. However, the overarching message is that inspired infill is possible. The City of Vincent is one of WA’s most progressive local governments developing a suite of targets to give us the fabled win-win.

Part 2 – The WOW Factor – an exclusive viewing of local sustainable homes.

The WOW factor includes excellent examples of what is possible through ESD. We meet the owner/designer of a funky modern home and the owners of a lovely character home. There are options to improve your existing home that don’t cost the earth.

Part 3 – ESD – the framework that makes sustainable buildings and infill possible.

How to navigate the ESD process at the City of Vincent. ESD provides for a better outcome and build; we meet an architect who talks us through why its important.

Part 4 – When it’s Time to Sell – What the property market thinks of sustainable buildings.

This video provides a real estate perspective. There are clear financial benefits, as well as environmental benefits with ESD. Sustainable housing is making Vincent magnificent


The City of Vincent recently held an ESD Masterclass event, in partnership with the Forever Project and Green Gurus. If you are interested to learn more click on a topic of interest to watch the recording.

Introduction - with Chris Ferreira

Town Planning Perspective - with Melinda Marshall

Architectural Perspective - with Matt Wallwork

Real Estate Perspective - with Chiara Pacifici

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