Your Local Police Team

The WA Police would like us to let you all know that they’ve now shifted the focus of their policing efforts onto Local Police Teams, who are now designated specific suburbs to work in.

The intention is for local communities to have a greater connection with their local police, via social media and even mobile phone numbers, as well as the more traditional face-to-face activities.

As an overview, here are the teams servicing Vincent’s suburbs:

Bayswater > services Mt Lawley.
Wembley > services Leederville, Mt Hawthorn, North Perth.
Perth > services Perth, East Perth, Highgate, West Perth.

You can download a great poster here which shows all of greater Perth’s Local Police Teams > the WA Police encourages us all to use this as a printable resource, so feel free to share this amongst your friends and family, or workplace.

For more information or to contact your Local Police Team

To find out more details and the full range of contact details for your Local Police Team, visit the Bigger Picture policing website and enter your suburb:

Please note

You should only contact your Local Police Team to speak about a local issue with your local officer. For all other police matters, please use the regular numbers – 000 for emergencies only, and 131 444 for police attendance.