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Development Applications

Do I need development approval for my works or land use?

Development approval is required in most instances within the City of Vincent, unless the development is exempt under Schedule 2, Clause 61 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 or the City’s Policy No. 7.5.1 Minor Nature Development Policy.

To find out what works or land uses may require development approval, please view the following links:

If your development type is not listed in either of the above documents, please contact the City's Duty Planning Officer of 9273 6000 or email

For further information on the different types of development and their general requirements, please visit the City's Planning Forms, Checklists, Policies & Information Sheets webpage.

What is the development application process?

A development application is a formal request for consent to carry out proposed development. The Do I Need Development Approval? information sheet provides some guidance on which types of proposals require development approval.

For more information, please contact the City's Duty Planner officer on 9273 6000.

The development application process is summarised as follows

  1. Completed development application is lodged with the City (see below).
  2. The City will check the application is deemed complete. If any information is missing, the City will contact the applicant nominated on the application form in writing and advise of the additional information required for the City to undertake an assessment of the proposal.
  3. Once a complete application is received, the application is allocated to an Urban Planner who will endeavour to assess the proposal within 14 days of receipt of the completed application. The time taken to assess an application will vary depending on the complexity of the application. As part of the assessment, the application is referred to internal business units (e.g. Health, Building, Engineering, Parks and Landscaping) and external agencies (e.g. Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Main Roads) for comment.
  4. Following the assessment of the proposal the Urban Planner may contact the applicant to request further information (e.g. where a proposal does not comply with the relevant statutory planning framework, amended plans and/or written justification may be required). The applicant will generally be provided with 14 days to provide the requested information.
  5. During the assessment stage of the proposal, the Urban Planner will determine whether the application is required to be advertised to adjoining landowners/occupants. Consultation will generally occur for 14 – 21 days. At the conclusion of the consultation period, a summary of the comments received will be provided to the applicant to respond to (by written justification and/or amended plans). For further information on the consultation process, please visit Community Consultation.
  6. Some applications may be referred to the City’s Design Review Panel for specialist advice on architectural and design, landscaping and sustainability principles. This will generally occur concurrently with the community consultation process. For further information on the Design Review Panel process, please visit Design Review Panel.
  7. Urban Planners will prepare a report making a recommendation for approval or refusal of a development application. Development applications will then be determined under delegation (by Administration) or by Council at an Ordinary Council Meeting. You will be notified if an application is required to be determined by Council.
  8. Once a determination is made, the applicant will be notified of the final decision in writing.
  9. If an applicant or owner is aggrieved by the determination there is a right of review by the State Administrative Tribunal in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2005 Part 14. An application must be made within 28 days of the determination. For further information on this process, visit  

For further information on the different types of development and their general requirements, please visit the City's Planning Forms, Checklists, Policies & Information Sheets webpage.

If your development type is not provided within one of the City's Planning Information Sheets, please contact the City's Duty Planning Officer of 9273 6000 or email

What information do I need to submit with my development application?

The information to be provided as part of a development application will depend on the development being proposed.


Please visit the please visit the City's Planning Forms, Checklists, Policies & Information Sheets webpage. to view the relevant checklist to confirm what information is required. The relevant completed checklist is required to be submitted as part of the development application. 

Please be advised if any of the required information is not submitted as part of the application, the application will be deemed incomplete and will remain on hold until such information is provided.


The relevant application forms are required to be submitted as part of the development application. These are available on the City's Planning Forms, Checklists, Policies & Information Sheets webpage.

Please note, all owners are required to sign the application forms.


Request for copy of Development Approvals

The City can undertake an archival search of all previous development approvals within the local government area (including where development was previously approved by the City of Perth). It is noted the City will not be able to confirm whether a copy of previous development approvals is available until an archive search is completed. 

These applications require the authorisation of the current landowner/s.

Request for copy of Development Approvals

Request for Written Planning Advice

Where specific planning advice is requested to be provided in writing or a planning enquiry requires further research, a request for written planning advice may be required. 

The City will endeavour to provide you with as much information as possible however, please be advised the Urban Planners cannot confirm if a departure to the statutory planning framework and/or a development application would be supported in the absence of a formal development application. This is because the City is required to review the proposal holistically and consider all elements of the proposed development.

Request for Written Planning Advice

Application for Section 40 Certificate

A section 40 certificate is required to support a new liquor licence and the request to modify an existing liquor licence. A section 40 certificate confirms that the proposed liquor licence is consistent with the planning approval granted on the site.

Application for Section 40 Certificate

Application for Subdivision Clearance

Once conditional subdivision approval is received from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the owner / applicant is required to satisfy all conditions and apply for 'clearance' from the relevant agency. For further information, please see the Subdivisions page. 

Application for Subdivision Clearance

Design Review Panel

Applications for planning approval for proposed development (Development Applications) are to be referred to the Panel for their consideration and comment in accordance with the Design Review Panel - Terms of Reference. These include but are not limited to:

  • Proposals that are considered, significant because of their size or uses they support.
  • Proposals that are considered, significant because of their site.
  • Proposals that are considered, significant because of their community impact.
  • Proposals which would benefit from the design review process.
  • Any scheme amendment, structure plan, policy, precinct plan, local development plan or design guideline which would benefit from Design Review by the Panel. For further information, visit Design Review web page.

Design Review Panel

How do I lodge my Development Application?

You can lodge a development application through one of the following methods: 


Visit our Online Lodgement web page


You can lodge an application over the counter at the City of Vincent Administration Building located at 244 Vincent Street, Leederville (Corner of Loftus Street) during the business hours of Monday – Friday from 8.30am to 5pm.


You can lodge an application via post to:

City of Vincent

PO Box 82


Do I need to pay any fees for my development application?

All planning fees and charges for 2023/24 are provided here: Planning Fees and Charges Schedule 2023/24.

An application will not be deemed complete until all relevant fees have been paid. 

How long will the development application process take?

The City will endeavour to assess your development application as soon as possible. However, under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, the City has 60 days to determine an application, or 90 days should the application require community consultation. 

The statutory time frame may be extended if agreed upon in writing by the Applicant and the City.

For further information on advertising requirements, visit our Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy.

Do I need any other approvals from Vincent?

A building approval, health permit and/or a crossover approval will likely be required prior to commencing works/use please check here to find out more. For further information please contact the City via the details provided below.

9273 6000 

Will Community Consultation be required for my Development Application?


The City will undertake community consultation in accordance with the City's Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy (Consultation Policy) and associated Appendix 2.

Consultation will generally occur when an application proposes development which departs from the deemed-to-comply requirements of the relevant planning framework and may have an impact on the amenity of an adjoining property, the streetscape and/or a community. 


The extent of advertising is undertaken in accordance with Appendix 2 of the City’s Consultation Policy.

All owners and occupiers that fall within the required advertising area will be notified of the proposal.


Where more than 10 letters are required to be mailed out as part of community consultation process the following fees will be charged:

  • 11 – 500 letters: $2 per letter
  • More than 500 letters: $1000

Applicants will be notified of the additional fees once the consultation requirements have been confirmed. 

Please note that a determination notice will not be issued until the relevant fee has been paid.

Heritage and development


A full list of State and Municipal heritage listed properties can be found on our Heritage Places page.


Please refer to our Heritage Information Sheet which contains all necessary information. 

Temporary Development Approval

Can I obtain temporary approval to operate my business?

Temporary works or a use which are in existence for less than 48 hours, or a longer period agreed by the local government, in any 12 month period do not need development approval.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 23 July 2019, the Council endorsed the position that development approval would not be required for change of use applications for ‘P’ ‘D’ or ‘A’ land use as prescribed under Table 1 of the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 2 within in the Mount Lawley/Highgate Town Centre area where the use is in existence for less than 12 months. The development cannot contain any external works (i.e. amendments to the building façade, increase in floor area, etc.).

The Council Meeting agenda and minutes are available here

Should I notify Vincent prior to occupation?

If you intend to operate a business on a temporary basis within the Mt Lawley/Highgate Town Centre area, please contact the City in writing confirming the following details:

Please note the approval is valid for a 12 month period only from the date of occupation. A Development Application will be required to continue after this period. 

What if I want to operate my business for longer than a 12-month period?

If you would like to continue operating beyond the 12 month temporary approval period, you may be required to obtain development approval. 

If a development application is required, it is recommended you lodge your application with the City at least three months prior to the end of your temporary approval date. Failure to obtain development approval prior to the end of the temporary approval period may attract compliance action. 

To confirm if development approval is required, please contact the City's Duty Planning Officer on 9273 6000 or email

For further information on Change of Use development applications, please see the further information below. 

Do I need to obtain any other approvals from Vincent prior to occupation?

A Building Permit and/or Health Approval may be required prior to occupation or commence of use of the tenancy.

Please contact the City on 9273 6000 or email to confirm which other approvals may be required. 

Change of Use Applications

Do I require Development Approval to change the use of a property? 

Development approval is not required for a land use identified within the City of Vincent Local Planning Scheme No. 2 as a use that is permitted 'P' within the zone in which the development is located and the development has no works component (i.e. increase in floor area, alteration to the external design of the building, requires an increase in parking bays) which requires development approval. 

Development approval is generally required for a land use identified a 'D' or 'A' land use, unless the land use is exempt or has previously been approved by the City and the development continues to operate in accordance with the conditions of approval. Land uses identified as an 'X' land use are not permitted and will be refused. 

How do I know if a land use is permitted?

It is important to identify and confirm the land use that would be most appropriate for your development. This information is provided within the City of Vincent's Local Planning Scheme No. 2.

All land uses identified within the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 2 are provided within Part 6 - Division 2: Land use terms used in Scheme.

Once the land use has been identified, it is important to confirm the zone of the site. This information can be obtained by reviewing the City's Scheme Maps:

Or by searching the property address within the City's Online Mapping

Once the land use and the zone of the site has been identified, the permissibility of land uses is provided within Table 1 - Zoning Table of the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 2.

  • P means that the use is permitted if it complies with any relevant development standards and requirements of this Scheme.
  • D means that the use is not permitted unless the local government has exercised its discretion by granting development approval.
  • A means that the use is not permitted unless the local government has exercised its discretion by granting development approval after giving special notice in accordance with clause 64 of the deemed provisions.
  • X means that the use is not permitted by this Scheme.

When considering if a land use is appropriate for the site (particularly for 'D' and 'A' land uses), it is necessary to consider whether the land use would satisfy the objectives of the zone, provided within Clause 16 of the City's Local Planning Scheme No. 2

What is the process for change of use applications?

Information on the process from start to finish for change of use applications and common land uses is available on the City's Start Your Business webpage.

If you require any further assistance, please contact the City on 9273 6000 or email

Development Assessment Panel Applications

What is the Development Assessment panel?

The Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent decision-making body which determines certain development applications in the place of the original decision maker, being the local government authority and/or the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). DAPs are comprised of three State Government-appointed Specialist Members and two Local Government Councillors.

The City of Vincent is within the Metro-Inner Development Assessment Panel (MIDAP) along with 18 other local government areas that comprise the inner region of the Perth metropolitan area.

When is an application required to be determined by the DAP?

Applicants may select for the DAP to determine their application where:

  • Development that has an estimated cost of development of $2 million or more 

Development applications which are excluded from determination by the DAP includes:

  • a single house and any associated carport, patio, outbuilding and incidental development; and
  • development with a value less than $2 million.

What is the DAP process?

The DAP process is summarised as follows:

  1. Applicant to submit a completed application with the local government (see checklist below).
  2. Local government determines whether the application is a DAP application.
  3. Within seven (7) days of receiving the application, the local government is required to notify the DAP Secretariat that an application has been received by providing an electronic copy of the entire DAP application, signed DAP form, stamped plans, and supporting documents.
  4. DAP Secretariat acknowledges receipt of application and information the relevant DAP Members, Local Government and Applicant.
  5. Within seven (7) days of receiving the application, the local government has the ability to 'Stop the Clock' where sufficient information has not been provided. This pauses the statutory time frame until the information has been received.
  6. Once the application is complete, the local government is to assess, advertise and refer the application in accordance with the Local Planning Scheme.
  7. The local government prepares a Responsible Authority Report (RAR) within 48 days (non advertised application) / 78 days (advertised applications), or other agreed time frame. The RAR includes the officer's recommendation, plans for consideration, advice from any referral bodies, a summary of submissions received during the community consultation period and any other relevant information required for the DAP's consideration.
  8. The DAP Secretariat will publish the Agenda on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website at least 7 days prior to the meeting date. The local government will notify in writing anyone who made a submission on the DAP application during Community Consultation, at least 7 days prior to the meeting date. 
  9. A person can make a request to make a verbal presentation to the DAP at the meeting. A written request must be made to the DAP Secretariat at least 72 hours before the commencement of the meeting. The written request is to include written documentation setting out the substance of the submission the person or group proposes to make.
  10. The DAP meets and considers the application, the RAR and any other relevant information within 60/90 days of receiving the application, or other agreed time frame. The application will be approved with conditions, refused with reasons or deferred with reasons and a time frame.
  11. The DAP Secretariat publishes the minutes on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website within 10 days of the meeting and the determination notice is sent to the applicant and the local government.

For further information, please visit

Should I consult with the City of Vincent prior to lodging my DAP application?

It is strongly recommended applicants contact the City of Vincent to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting prior to lodging a development application. The City can provide preliminary advice on the proposal and identify any planning framework to be considered and concerns with the proposal the City may have.

DAP applications are also strongly encouraged to be presented to the City's Design Review Panel prior to being lodged.

Early discussions with the City often will result in a more streamlined approach once the application has been lodged.

What information do I need to submit with my Development Application?

Please refer to the following DAP Application Checklist for all information required to be submitted with the application.

Where can I view the agenda of current and previous DAP applications?

Current and previous DAP applications are available on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website:

Current and previous DAP applications

The table below lists the current and previous DAP’s received and considered by Vincent.

2022 DAP Applications

2021 DAP Applications

2020 DAP Applications

2019 DAP Applications 

2018 DAP Applications

Council’s role in DAPs

The City of Vincent is a professional planning regulator. Our role in planning matters is to make legally sound and defendable planning decisions.

The City does not support DAPs continued operation in the City of Vincent. We believe that the City of Vincent Council should have the authority to determine its most significant developments.

However, under the current DAP process, the City of Vincent’s technical planning assessment of DAP applications, known as the responsible authority report (RAR), is submitted to the DAP by the City of Vincent’s Administration.

Some Council’s require the Administration’s technical planning assessment (RAR) to be presented to them. This approach is not best practice.

DAP members are required by the Code of Conduct to exercise independent judgment, consider the application on its planning merits and not be bound by any previous decision or resolution of the local government in relation to the DAP application. 

The consideration of a DAP application by Council could create the perception that a RAR, or the local government’s DAP members, have been influenced by Council’s consideration of the matter.

This creates the risk of apprehended bias and may result in a decision by a DAP to refuse an application being overturned on appeal by an applicant.

The State Government’s ‘Practice Notes: Making Good Planning Decisions’ also state that “a DAP application report is NOT a resolution of the relevant local government’s council, it is the professional opinion of the local government’s planning officer who assessed the application. It is improper for Councillors of a local government to influence the planning officer’s report in any way.”

The State Government has confirmed in its reforms to the DAPs that the RAR is to be submitted to the DAP by the Administration of the local government. When these reforms are fully implemented by the State Government, those Council’s that consider RARs will no longer be able to.


Property Addresses 

In what instances will Vincent change my property address?

The City of Vincent will only consider altering the address of a property if there are difficulties associated with its identification.

In what instances will Vincent not change my property address?

A request for a change in property address will not be considered in the following instances:

  • the number is considered unlucky
  • religious reasons
  • to improve the 'fen shui' of the property
  • personal preferences
  • the number is not good business
  • effect on a property value and/or
  • any other reason that is not considered valid by the City

How do I apply to change my property address?

To apply to have your property address changes, please complete the below form and return to the City for review. 

Change of Address Application Form  

Do I need to pay any fees when applying to change my property address?

The fee to change a property address is $105.

The fee is to be paid at the time the application is lodged with the City. 

When will I be notified if my application is successful?

Once the application form has been submitted and the fee has been paid, the City will review its records to see if the change in address can be made. 

The City will notify the applicant in writing of the outcome. 

Where a change in address is made, the City will also notify the following authorities: Landgate, Water Corporation, Australian Electoral Commission, Alinta Energy, Synergy, Saint John Ambulance, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Telstra, Electoral Roll, Australia Post and the City’s Records and Rates departments.

All other notifications are to be completed by the owner/applicant of the property. 

More information

For further information, contact the City of Vincent on (08) 9273 6000 or

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