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The City of Vincent has two Wards, North Ward and South Ward. Four Councillors represent each.

The North Ward includes all of Mt Hawthorn, and parts of Leederville and North Perth.

The South Ward includes all of Highgate, and parts of East Perth, Mt Lawley, North Perth, Leederville, West Perth and Perth.

A list of Councillors representing each Ward can be found on the Your Mayor and Councillors page.

Ward and Representation Review

The City of Vincent undertook a statutory review of its ward system in 2018, in accordance with section 2.2 and schedule 2.2 of the Local Government Act 1995 and the City's Community Consultation Policy No. 4.1.5 Appendix 1.

The City conducted the review, taking into account public comments received between 17 November 2018 and 19 January 2019, with regard to the discussion paper titled 'Review of The City's Ward and Representation' made available on the City's website and in hard copy.

Council considered the submissions and received the ward review report at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 5 February 2019 which recommended no changes to the City's current ward and representation system.

Pursuant to clauses 8 and 9 of schedule 2.2 of the Local Government Act 1995, the Chief Executive Officer advised the Local Government Advisory Board that the City has undertaken a review of its wards and representation in accordance with clause 6(1) of schedule 2.2 of the Local Government Act 1995; and the City proposes that no changes to wards or representation are necessary. The Board considered the report at its meeting of 4 April 2019 and noted the City's resolution to retain its current ward and representation structure.


Following the submission of boundary realignment proposals to the Minister for Local Government in 2006, the City's boundaries were expanded from 1 July 2007 to include parts of East Perth, West Perth and Glendalough (subsequently renamed Mt Hawthorn in 2008).

The City's boundaries: Mitchell Freeway, Scarborough Beach Road, Green Street, Walcott Street, Guildford Road, Stanley Street, Mitchell Street, Swan River, Graham Farmer Freeway, Newcastle Street, Old Aberdeen Place, Leederville Parade.

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