Business approvals - online permits & Other approvals 

Depending on the nature of your business and the activities involved, you may require additional approvals or permits from the City. 

Before starting, we recommend you complete our Approval Self-Assessment Tool.

Our Approval Self-Assessment Tool will give you a better understanding of the type of approvals you may be required to apply for and provides you with further information.

Complete the Approval Self-Assessment Tool

Permits for outdoor eating area, display of goods and/or signage in verge

If you are wanting to conduct an eating area, or have goods or portable signage on display in the verge or footpath adjoining your business, you will require a permit. This can be completed online.

Online permits

Infrastructure protection bond

If you are undertaking building works to the premises, you will require to pay an infrastructure protection bond in accordance with the City’s Fees and Charges. Once your works are completed you can apply for your infrastructure bond refund online.

Infrastructure protection bond refund application

Liquor licences

If your business includes the sale or consumption of alcohol you will require a liquor licence. These are issued by the Department of Local Government, Sporting and Cultural Industries (Liquor Licensing Directorate). More information can be found on their website.

As part of this you may be required to obtain a Section 40 Certificate from the Planning Services and a Section 39 Certificate from Health Services to confirm that the proposed liquor licence is consistent with the planning approval for the premises and the premises complies with all health and building requirements. For more information and to download an application form, see the below link:

Liquor licences

Vibrant Public Spaces

Vibrant public spaces are areas in the public realm that support social interaction and community engagement. They are spaces which provide pedestrian amenity and are for everyone to enjoy. Vibrant public spaces are dog friendly, and smoke free at all times.

If you want to install street furniture, affixed eating area furniture, a parklet and/or an eatlet, visit our Vibrant Public Spaces page below.

Vibrant Public Spaces

Parking permits

If you have less than three parking bays on site, you are eligible to apply for a Commercial Parking Permit. Information regarding these permits, including an application form, can be found on the below webpage. 

Commercial parking permit application 

Our Rangers can also assist if you require a loading bay and there is not one within close proximity to your business, or you would like a review of existing parking restrictions of on-street parking bays surrounding your business. This can be requested in writing by emailing

Structures in verge

If you are wanting to install temporary or permanent structures in the adjoining verge or footpath area, such as street furniture (bench seating, planter boxes or umbrellas), decks or enclosed verandahs, a permit will be required. For larger structures such as decks and enclosed verandahs a seperate planning approval would also be required. 

The City is developing a policy to outline the requirements related to these structures. The policy has yet to be finalised, however the advertised version can be found online below.

Development on City owned and managed land policy (draft)

Verge obstructions

If you are requiring a skip bin or other work within the verge or footpath, you will also be required to obtain a permit for works within the road reserve. This can be completed online below.

Verge obstruction permit application

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