Neighbourhood Watch and eWatch

Do you want to make your neighbourhood safer? Would you like to meet more neighbours and help build a stronger community?

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has been helping create safer communities for many years, but you may not know that there are many ways in which you can participate.

The City would love to see residents running their own Neighbourhood Watch Network. A network is simply a bunch of neighbours who know each other, look out for each other and will usually have a primary method for sharing information such as email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp or other similar platforms to share information and communicate with each other.

A crucial element is getting to know your neighbours and encouraging others to do the same. This is a community led initiative and not affiliated with the City, so whilst the City and NHW WA can provide some support and assistance, you would need to be the driver.

  • Get to know your neighbours.  NHW WA has resources to help you start conversations with your neighbours. 
  • Set up your own communication platform to share information. There are many available such as SMS, email, facebook, WhatsApp, NHWConnect etc.  Choose a platform that will work for you and your neighbours.
  • Be familiar with your local environment and be aware of anything that looks suspicious. Share that information with Police and your neighbours.
  • Display NHW resources (available from
  • Sign up to ewatch to stay connected with what is happening in your community.

On a larger scale you can :

  • conduct a letterbox drop to houses in your local area with information and social media details, as well as other contact details for those who may not use or have access to the internet.
  • Become an administrator for your social media group - monitor posts and comments on your social media group and respond to queries on the page daily – NHW WA have guidelines for what should and should not be posted
  • Post links to articles and information (from NHW, WA Police etc) in relation to community safety and crime prevention
  • Organise get togethers, coffee shop meet ups or even an event for neighbours at your local park
  • Distribute NHW WA resources

For more information please contact the Community Partnerships team on 9273 6000; or NHW WA on 9222 1513 or visit

eWATCH: Alerts, updates and news direct from your local Police Station!

What is eWatch?

eWatch is an email-based system that connects you to your local police, Neighbourhood watch and the City of Vincent.

Once you register, you will receive emails direct from your local Police Station!

You can watch a 30-second video here.

Residents who join will receive email updates with information on up-to-date incidents that are happening in your community, crime alerts, community safety warnings, crime trends and statistics, safety and crime prevention initiatives, events and emerging issues within the City of Vincent.

Your local police will keep you informed and better placed to live a safer and more enjoyable life.  Please forward this onto your family and friends and encourage them to join.

eWatch is a free service provided through WA Police and Neighbourhood Watch.

The Officer in Charge of your local police station will be contributing important information for the newsletter, as will our Safer Vincent team.

eWatch which is proudly supported by the City of Vincent.

How do I sign-up?

Simply visit eWatch website and sign up today!

Link this