Waste Education

The more we learn about the importance of correct waste sorting and sustainability, the more impact we will have on our future actions.

Did you know?

 A typical household creates about 28kg of waste  each week. Only about 10kg of this is recycled, the rest is sent to landfill.

What we can do about it


The best way is to prevent waste in the first place. Consider what you're buying - say no to plastic water bottles, plastic straws, coffee cups and plastic bags and choose reusable alternatives instead.


Only purchase what you need. Some good ideas to help: make a meal plan for the week and always check what's in the fridge, freezer and pantry before shopping. Try and stick to your list and avoid over-purchasing so your food doesn't go to waste.

Reuse and Repair

Rather than throwing things away, check if they can be reused, repaired or repurposed. Donate unwanted items to charities at our Charity Clothing Drop Off Day or host a garage sale. Bring your broken items to the Repair Café (every third Saturday of the month) at Academy Cafe in Mount Hawthorn and avoid sending them to landfill.


Visit our waste sorting page to make sure you are sorting your waste correctly and putting the correct items into each bin.

Useful Resources

Own Your Impact

Own Your Impact is an education campaign by the Western Australian Government to help encourage more people to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Earth Carer Courses

Earth Carers are volunteers from the community who learn ways to protect the environment through reducing, reusing and recycling waste, and who then help to spread the message to others.

Face Your Waste

Face Your Waste is a Mindarie Regional Council initiative designed to confront us with the amount of waste we produce. MRC will be trialling “see-through” rubbish bins throughout Perth to draw attention to the high levels of waste and recycling we produce and throw away each week.

Plastic-free July

Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it. Choose to refuse single-use plastics this July.

Responsible Cafes

Australians throw away one billion takeaway coffee cups every year. Despite popular belief, the cups and lids are difficult to recycle and 90 percent end up littered or in landfill. The Responsible Café Program is calling on cafés to offer a discount to customers who bring their own cup.

Check if your favourite café is a participating Responsible Cafe.

Treading my Own Path

Lindsay Miles lives in Perth and writes this plastic-free, zero waste and minimalism blog which she began after taking part in Plastic Free July in 2012. Topics include plastic-free, zero waste, recipes, minimalism and simple living.

What's Your Bag Plan?

The State Government’s education campaign – What’s Your Bag Plan? – has commenced to encourage WA consumers to carry their own alternative, reusable bags.