Animal Registration Renewals

Recently moved to the City of Vincent? Update your pet's microchip details here.

Please complete the form below prior to processing your online payment. 

Upon submission of the form you will be redirected to the payment page.

To complete your online registration renewal please have your Animal ID handy. Your Animal ID is shown on your renewal form.

If your registration details need updating please complete the fields below.

If your details are correct please proceed to the last question, and accept the T&C's.

Dog or Cat Deceased
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If your dog is not Microchipped, you cannot proceed with online payment, please phone (08) 9273 6000 for further advice.

Owner/Agent Declaration

I, the owner of the animal / authorised agent of the owner of the animal, particulars of which are listed on the animal registration renewal form 

Declare that :

  (a) I am / the owner is not under 18 years of age.

  (b) The particulars shown on the animal registration renewal form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

and I certify, for the purposes of Section 16 (1a) of the Dog Act 1976, that means exist on the premises at which the dog will ordinarily be kept for effectively confining the dog within those premises.

Should there be any changes to the particulars on the animal registration renewal form, I cannot proceed with the online payment option and I must contact the City of Vincent on telephone number (08) 9273 6000.

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