Town Planning Scheme & Zoning Information

Town planning scheme

Town Planning Scheme No. 1

All local governments in Western Australia are required to maintain a Local Planning Scheme. The Town Planning Scheme text provides the statutory guidance for development, including development provisions, permitted uses and compliance matters. The Town Planning Scheme maps provide the zonings for the land, which in turn indicate the type of uses that may be possible in each particular area.

The City of Vincent Town Planning Scheme No.1 was Gazetted on 4 December 1998. The Town Planning Scheme No.1 maps are divided into 15 individual Precincts, which can be viewed in the Precinct Plan provided via the link below.

The Town Planning Scheme No.1 text and maps can be downloaded from these links:

Scheme Maps

Town Planning Scheme No. 1

Precinct Plan

Zoning Information

Please note that on the 19 October 2015 the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 came into effect. These Regulations were prepared by the State Government and now apply across Western Australia. Schedule 2 of these Regulations is to be read in conjunction with Town Planning Scheme No. 1. Where there is an inconsistency between Town Planning Scheme No.1 and the Regulations the provision of the Regulations applies. More information on these new Regulations can be found on the Department of Planning’s website here.

Proposed Town Planning Scheme No. 2

Following extensive consultation in 2014, Council has adopted the City’s Draft Local Planning Strategy and Town Planning Scheme No. 2 at a Special Meeting held on 18 November 2014.

The City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 2 and Local Planning Strategy represent the culmination of some 10 years of work commencing in 2004 with Vincent Vision 2024. The Scheme and Strategy presents a clear vision and certainty for future development and residents within the City of Vincent while still achieving important State Government objectives.

The proposed Town Planning Scheme No. 2 has been forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission for consideration requesting that the Honorable Minister for Planning grant final approval. The Town Planning Scheme No. 2 will not come into effect until the Minister for Planning has endorsed the Scheme for final approval; and the Scheme is subsequently published in the WA Government Gazette.

For more information click here to view the Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held 18 November 2014. To view the adopted Scheme Text, Local Planning Strategy and Scheme Maps please follow the links below.

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