Free Internet Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use

This free internet access is provided by the City of Vincent and is subject to conditions of use. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they RESTART this computer when their session has ended making sure that any personal information has been deleted. For security purposes do not save any user names or passwords on this system or on any site you have visited. The City of Vincent accepts no responsibility for unauthorised access to personal information that may occur through the use of this internet service. Using this computer to access, create or share obscene, illegal or offensive materials is strictly prohibited. Users should note that domain logs are kept and evidence of access to these sites from this system may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Information accessed from this internet service is not controlled or endorsed by the City of Vincent. Sites/information accessed from this system are outside the control of the City, and therefore, it is the responsibility of the end-user to make their own decisions about the accuracy, reliability and correctness of information found on any sites visited. The City does not endorse the information contained within any site accessed and disclaims all liability to any person in relation to, or, in the use of, the information or data found on accessed sites. The City reserves the right to terminate any person’s session at any time for any reason without notice, explanation or compensation.

By continuing your session you are agreeing to the above stated terms and conditions and any restrictions imposed at any time by the City of Vincent and its agents.

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